Table tennis equipment problem

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Aug 2018
Hello guys!
I am coming to You with a bit of an weird topic and I am referring to ball slippage from the rubber when trying to spin.
I am creating this topic because I haven't seen or heard about this problem from anyone and it makes me seriously wonder if it happens only to me..
Has any of you experience such thing?
Let me describe it in more detail: when I try to spin the ball by only brushing it, very often (not everytime) the ball LITERALLY slips (falls down) from the rubber, as the rubber would be completely dead or as if I would have glass instead of rubber..

I am not an beginner or amateur I play tt over 20 years,I play professional level and this "phenomenon" started around one year ago and within this year I believe I have switched around 6 blades and 10 different types of rubbers.
At first I was blaming the blade, then the rubbers, then the glue..then the method of how I glue.. I have changed them all.. different blade, different rubbers, different glue and method of glueing. Nothing Nothing helps.. when the rubbers are new, this ball slippage it doesn't happen . It starts after around 2 weeks of play.
Is driving me crazy...
any opinions, suggestions would be highly appreciated
Thank You!