TableTennisDaily Podcast #10 - Will Bayley

Hello again everyone and welcome to episode 10 of the TableTennisDaily podcast. In this episode we are joined by Paralympian Will Bayley. Will is the current class 7 world champion and London 2012 Paralympic silver medalist.

Will currently trains full time in the English institute of sport in Sheffield the home of the GB Paralympic team. Will talks about his current life as a world class disability athlete and how he has achieved such a high level of success. We talk about his various health battles, overcoming cancer at an early age and how his condition has not stopped him from achieving his dreams.

Will really is an inspiration to all table tennis players, and we hope you find his story really interesting and eye opening. He is living proof that through hard work and dedication anything is possible.

We would like to thank Will for giving up his time to talk to us, here’s the podcast.

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Breakdown of the podcast

00.00 Introduction.
01.42 How much Paralympic athletes train.
02.17 Health issues and how Will has overcome his problem.
04.00 Training with Dan back in the day.
05.00 What’s it like being world number 1 and how he is still trying to improve.
07.15 Satisfied athletes suck!
07.44 Will Bayley talks about his Beijing Paralympic 2008 campaign with his category changing from class 6 to 7.
09.28 How setbacks motivated Will.
10.00 London Paralympic 2012 experience.
10.45 Short Term Goals keeps Will in focus.
12.19 What state of mind helps Will reach peak performance and focus in Olympic and World finals.
13.12 Will’s experience becoming World Champion.
15.50 The sacrifices it takes to become World Champion.
16.55 What Will does in his downtime.
18.26 Training structure and relationship with coaches.
20.26 Tips for league, aspiring and developing players to improve
23.10 What it’s like to train alongside Jessica Ennis and Anthony Joshua in the Gym.
24.40 Has the plastic ball effected Will’s game.
25.50 Will Bayley’s equipment set up.
27.00 What limitations does Will have.
28.06 The benefits of table tennis.
28.55 What Will and his psychologist work on. Performance vs Outcome goals.
34.10 Will’s rivals and video analysis.
38.20 The importance of Will’s Parental support.
39.08 Future goals and plans.
41.40 Who is the most famous person Will has met.
42.26 Nutrition.
44.55 Favorite player to watch.

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Thanks for listening!