TableTennisDaily Podcast #14 - Paul Drinkhall

Here's our Olympic Podcast special with Paul Drinkhall who talked to us a few hours ago live from the Olympic village in Rio. We talk to him about his Rio 2016 journey so far and what's it's like in Brazil.

He talks about the crazy atmosphere, playing conditions as well as, the new, double stamped ball. He also gives his prediction on who he thinks takes the gold medal.

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Breakdown of the podcast

00.00 Introduction.
00.26 Start.
01.10 What’s it like playing out in Rio?
02.36 What was it like playing against Gao Ning with your former coach Jia Yi in Gao’s corner.
03.50 Twitter user question Alan Chatfield, how do you maintain focus in the big matches?
04.55 Who is the coaching team for you and the team in Rio?
05.46 Momentum from World Team Championships 2016.
07.00 Vladimir Samsonov match analysis.
09.21 Chances of Samsonov defeating Zhang Jike?
10.36 How is the training and match preparation take place in Rio?
11.21 Question by TTD user Bzing about Paul’s forehand fade.
12.03 Paul talks about his footwork and its importance.
13.04 Meeting stars in the village.
13.58 Paul Drinkhalls training camp in the UK.
15.20 Green floor in Rio.
16.55 Who will win the Rio Olympics?

For more information about Paul Drinkhall's training camp visit here:

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Thanks for listening!