Hello and welcome to episode 18 of the TableTennisDaily podcast. In today's episode we are talking to table tennis legend Jean Michel Saive.
The Belgian Star was world number one on multiple occasions and perhaps even more impressively, Belgian number 1 for an astonishing 30 years without interruption from 1985 until his recent retirement in 2015.

We have been wanting to get Jean Mi on the podcast since we started recording them. But after the news broke, via his own Facebook page, that he was potentially running for the ITTF presidency we just had to get him on the show as soon as possible.

Jean Mi details what he feels of the current state of international table tennis, and what he thinks needs to change in order to get it back to where it was when he was in his prime. He also tells us some cool stories from his time in China, and tells us why he thinks China have dominated the sport for the last two decades.

Enjoy the podcast

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Breakdown of the podcast

00.00 Intro
01.06 Saive takes us back to the start where he played table tennis before he was even born!
02.58 Multiple sports at a young age.
04.23 Saive’s younger brother Phillip.
08.07 Practice and school.
09.17 What does it take to become world number 1?
11.16 Motivation.
12.45 How Saive has maintained such a high level for so long.
15.35 Saive ‘the fighter’.
16.51 ITTF Presidency!
20.10 Saive discusses changes he would make if he became ITTF President.
21.19 Changes including plastic ball.
23.13 ITTF Presidency continued.
29.04 Reaching out to the general public.
29.30 Saive talks about the gap between China and the rest of the world.
31.56 Fan Zhendong’s backhand flick has improved the game.
32.41 What rules would Saive like in the table tennis.
35.56 How can Europe improve.
41.41 Saive’s story from China - studying players.
44.51 TTX.
46.56 User submitted questions (includes Rio Olympics, Boosting, Rubbers & lots more).
53.31 Jean Michal Saive leaves with an inspirational message.

What do you think about Jean Michel Saive's opinions on the world of table tennis?
Thanks for listening!

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