TableTennisDaily Super League (TTDSL) Signs Long-Term Partnership With OSAI

We, at TTDSL, are excited to announce that we have entered into a long-term partnership with OSAI, an AI-based real-time data analytics and mixed reality solution provider, who have agreed to be part of TableTennisDaily Super League (TTDSL) team starting Season 1. Our partnership with OSAI will commence with immediate effect.


TableTennisDaily, who has millions of followers from across the globe, provides exciting Table Tennis content to all the Table Tennis fans. TableTennisDaily has recently launched its TableTennisDaily Super League which will be post-produced and episodes will be published on TableTennisDaily YouTube channel. Table Tennis fans from across the globe are looking forward to this newly created league.

OSAI specialises in developing automated software solutions that provide real-time data analytics and mixed reality solutions with Computer Vision and AI.

OSAI technology will provide TTDSL spectators and Table Tennis fans with tonnes of unique features throughout TTDSL matches that will significantly add value to the online viewing experience. Stats such as ball bounce map, play map of each draw, points won on each stroke in a rally at service and reception, easy work with the video linked to the every data analytics parameter and many more exciting features will now be available for all to experience.

OSAI technology also allows the users to dive deep into the insights of each individual player’s techniques. This will demonstrate in extreme detail exactly what is happening during specific shots and rallies, which is something that is sure to interest and excites fans.

Under this partnership, millions of TTDSL spectators and Table Tennis fans from across the globe will experience OSAI’s cutting edge AI technology, to be used throughout all TTDSL matches during TTD Team episodes.

Founder & CEO of OSAI Roman Garin commented on the partnership:

“We are excited to be a part of the TableTennisDaily Super League. Under this long-term partnership, we are committed to providing all possible support to TTDSL and, with OSAI solutions, we are sure that TTDSL will bring its content to the next level and, also, Table Tennis fans will experience something new which they have never seen before.

”Founder of TableTennisDaily Dan Ives commented:

“I’m completely thrilled that OSAI agreed to be part of TTDSL. OSAI AI technology is absolutely world-class and second to none. I can’t wait for the viewers to see all of OSAI’s cutting edge tech in action during the TTDSL. I really feel that the fans will be the biggest winners out of this fantastic partnership.”

For more information about OSAI and their industry-leading table tennis AI technology, please check out OSAI website here: