TableTennisDaily VLOG #7 - World Ping Pong Championships 2017


says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀


says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀
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Hey TTD!

Here is is my latest vlog which features the recent World Ping Pong Championships held in London on the 28-29th January 2017. We go behind the scenes, with backstage training, interviews with players and officials and more! The Ping Pong World Championships uses traditional sandpaper bats that were used at the beginning of table tennis. Matches are first to 15 points, best of 3 sets except the final which is best of 5 sets. There is a double point ball allo wed once per match whereby if you win on this ball you win 2 points.

Breakdown of the vlog:

00:00 just arrived!
04.10 Chris Doran gives away some vital tips on how to play like a pro with the sand paper bats
07.23 The doors open, players begin to warm up!
08.27 Group stages commence!
09.55 Interview with World Champion Maxim Shmyrev.
16:34 Insane point by Alexander Flemming (Nickname: FLASH)
17:00 Round of 32!
17:40 Gavin Rumgay rocks up in a kilt!
18:53 Interview with Gavin Rumgay.
21:47 Netherlands fans go crazy!
23:36 Last 32 Results
24:26 Interview with Andrew Baggaley
26:14 Interview with Mile Ross
27.45 Interview with Marc Doran
29:42 Gavin Rungay vs Marc Doran
31:34 Andrew Baggaley vs Lubomir Pistej
33:05 Russia's Maxim Shmyrev vs China's Yan Weihao
34:09 Last 16 Results
34:27 Interview with TopspinTT's John Dennison
35:55 Interview with Liz May of Pink Pong
37.39 Interview with World Ping Pong Championship organiser Fred Dove who talks about why the World Ping Pong Championships started in the first place and more!
42:30 Quarter Finals
- Chris Doran vs Marc Doran
- Oriol Monzo vs Yan Weihao
- Vladislav Kutsenko vs Lubomir Pistej
- Alexander Flemming vs Richard Gonzales
48.22 Interview with founder of Matchroom Sport Barry Hearn.
52:00 Dan vs Gavin Rumgay. I thought i'd give sand paper TT a go :)
52.20 Semi Finals
- Yan Weihao vs Marc Doran
- Alexander Flemming vs Lubomir Pistej
53:34 THE FINAL: Yan Weihao vs Alexander Flemming

Who's tried playing table tennis with sand paper table tennis?
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says So many upsets lately
says So many upsets lately
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What is great about Ping Pong is the atmosphere, it has more crowd interaction and is very similar in that respect to the Darts when televised. Table Tennis has more of an approach where the audience is in silence, like a snooker match, at league matches you can barely whisper an opinion on a game and you're told to shhhhhhh. Well I say get behind the players, they are focused on their game anyway and if they can draw energy from the crowd then I think TT will be a great spectator sport for TV also. Ping Pong shines over TT on TV because the crowd are involved I think. Cricket was the same, all in white and very boring to watch so they spiced it up a bit, teams in multi coloured kits with the crowd interacting with every ball, maybe TT matches need to take a look from a spectators view?? Who knows, I know what I would prefer to watch. Epic Vlog again mate, keep it up