TableTennisDaily will interview Jun Mizutani soon!

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Oct 2010
Hey everyone!

TableTennisDaily will be interviewing Japanese star Jun Mizutani very soon. This is your chance to ask the current world number 5 a question!

Submit your question below.

The best questions will be added to the interview with this formidable table tennis star!


Check out Jun Mizutani in his most recent match against Timo Boll in the bronze medal match at the 2014 World Cup.

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Aug 2014
1) With all due respects, there are some who view that reasons of your bottleneck to reach the world top ranking is lack of "power" in your forehand attack (relative to others top-ranking player) and you play more passively (defending more often away from the table). Do you agree with that?

2) Do you feel that the new poly ball has more advantages/disadvantages to your game?

3) Is your new equipment (SZLC) design to help you to generate more "power" in attack?
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Mar 2013
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1. Most of your opponents know to play two times in a row into your BH side. First time you attack but the second time if you cannot jump to FH you just push with your BH and then start going back. Do you try to change it somehow? Sometimes I see that you try to be more aggressive with your BH - is it the way to solve the problem?
2. How is your training day look like? Do you attend some foreign team now, or do you stay in Japan?
3. you are already ranked no. 5, do you think you have any chance to advance more?
4. I just watched your match un semifinal Russian against Koki Niwa, I am thinking what was that. It looked like you made a deal with Koki " I give you this one if you need and next time you let me win". It really looked like no motivation.
5. I think you prefer to play against right handed players, is t true?
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My questions:

1. What does your coach say while playing against Ma Long or ZJK? Is there really a weakness or something specific what he can tell you during the game or is it just more general stuff because on professional skill level there are no weaknesses?

2. You demonstrated earlier against rubber tuning/boosting. Dont you think its a little bit hypocritic to demonstrate while you as a superstar are only getting the best equibment of Butterfly? Furthermore if you boost your rubbers you make them faster, doesnt it make table tennis more attractive because you have to be more skilled and train harder for faster equibment?
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Sep 2012
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Congratulations on a good run at the recent World Cup! You have a lot of fans in the USA and we'd love to see you come here to play sometime!

Let us briefly talk equipment: I noticed that you went back to using the regular Mizutani Jun blade for most of the World Cup. Why? Why did you then change to using the MJ-Super ZLC blade against Timo Boll? What differences you see between these two blades or are they similar enough to be interchangeable?
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Apr 2014
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Wow, it'll be great to hear from him. My questions:

1. I was at the World Cup (congratulations for finishing 4th!) and your high toss serve is incredibly high (even higher than Ma Long's serve). Why do you toss the ball so high?

2. You are quite even with Dimitrij Ovtcharov and we have witnessed some great battles between the two of you. Why do you have more trouble against Timo Boll?
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Mar 2014

How many hours did you practise, you was 14 ?
Did you go to school ?
Or did you practise all day ?
What is your favourite excercice ?


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