Tenergy 05

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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

It is a very good rubber. I use it on my backhand because of it's excellent control and feeling. It is good for improving someones backhand.
It is also good for blocking close and mid table. It generates a lot of spin which is good especially for services and topspin. It's spin
is also good for chops. It's weakness is that it is not durable and its quite costly.
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

Tenergy 05 Black in 1.7mm on the FH for a "modern" defence game.

The chop is unconventional, even the Chinese rubbers do not chop as good . It is a fact, chop for defense is monstrous, and push is real shots scalpel! Do not ask me why or how, I find that even world rankings do not take the battle of pushes and are embarrassed to start a Tenergy shot , whether serving or table game.

Offensive phase, it is dynamic, it quickly hand, it turns to death. Counterparty when it comes, it comes to 200 per hour, and physical deficiencies are paid when cash. The rejection of angle is really the highest I've tried, again a step above the Vega Pro. This pink foam really working alone at times!

In short, we must be clear and objective. I have tested dozens of rubbers , But I must admit the reality is factual: the Tenergy 05 has something special .


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Mar 2012
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

This is the best rubber I've used. While the performance naturally drops after a while, it is still better than any copy out there. The thing that separates this rubber from other 'competitors' is the fact that you get a real 'feel' of the spin you put on and despite the rubber being one of the fastest it is very consistent, so easy to adapt to without losing much control.
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May 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review

Speed: 9.1
Spin: 9.5
Control: 7.5
Tackiness: 2.3 - Slightly Tacky
Throw Angle: 7.3 - High in this sense
Weight: 6.9 - Medium Heavy
Sponge Hardness: 6.4 - Medium Hard
Durability: 8.4 - Lasts longer than average

I was sold the moment i played my first loop with Tenergy 05. The rubber has an incredible feeling of grabbing the ball and then catapulting it out at great speed with so much spin.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 gives out a much shorter arc in distance compared to other rubbers I've used in the past, making it much more forgiving when I go for a kill shot over the table.

Although this is not a tensor, it certainly is fast enough to play like one, but Tenergy 05 has a much better short game. Overall, it is not the fastest rubber there is, but definitely one more the easiest one to play with in its speed class.

Speed - 9.1/10

Tenergy 05 is a very fast rubber. Its unique spring sponge makes the ball catapult hard off the rubber but the best part of its speed is when you combine it with spin. Most rubbers you have a choice you can either generate loads of spin, sacrificing speed, or lots of speed, sacrificing spin. With Tenergy they have got the balance just right and you get the best of both worlds. Although it is not the fastest rubber out there it’s still a speed demon, thanks to its spring sponge, which makes it such a lethal weapon when combined with the spin possibilities. The best asset of Tenergy 05 is its looping but what makes it better than other rubbers is the speed you can generate with the loop, power looping is absolutely lethal. Power can be generated easily from short strokes but power can be generated so easily from this rubber it can be very effective from even the back of the court.

Spin - 9.5/10

Tenergy 05 generates bundles of rotation. It is one of the grabbiest non tacky rubbers I have ever played with. Not only is it the amount of spin that Tenergy 05 can generate at high speeds it is the sheer mechanical grip of the top-sheet that makes it a world class looping rubber. When playing a brushing shot you can generate loads of rotation and it barely ever looses grip no matter what angle you try. As a result serving with Tenergy 05 is also extremely good as it can generate so much spin at slow speeds. The top-sheet on Tenergy 05 is really the best I’ve seen and looping with this rubber is an absolute dream. When you strike the ball the rubber also gives a pronounced short arc which means you can play attacking shots than you wouldn’t dream of with other rubbers. Almost looping perfection!.

Control and Consistency - 7.5/10

I think partly the reason why I keep on going back to Tenergy 05 is its shot consistency. I can play the same shot 1000 times and it will always do the same thing which is very desirable in a rubber – it is completely stable. The consistency is absolutely spot on.

There are however a few downsides to Tenergy 05 control.

Incoming spin can be extremely difficult to handle. Because the rubber has extreme grip it is very sensitive to incoming spin and as a result the ball tends to have a very strong reaction on the rubber making it hard to control. This isn’t such a problem for pro’s as they have experience and top technique but if you are a beginner you could really struggle to control the oppositions incoming spin.
The other downside is the spring sponge and high throw angle. Tenergy 05 is a very bouncy rubber which aids you in attack but not in controlling shots like touches and blocks. You’ve got to have really good touch and technique to compensate for the high throw angle and bouncy nature of the rubber. This rubber is not an ideal choice for beginners.

Durability - 8.3/10

I have always regarded Butterfly products to be really high quality but they have really shown they’re pedigree with the Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber. The quality is absolutely top notch. The topsheet grip is fantastic, it’s durable, it doesn’t easily perish, from what I hear from suppliers there is very rarely a bad sheet. Everything about this rubber screams quality and this is what makes it stand out above the rest in my opinion – it’s just sheer quality.
A lot of players state that Tenergy 05 isn’t as durable as other rubbers but I tend to disagree. Sure the speed glue effect soon wears off like all speed glue effect rubbers do but the aspect that lasts is that grabby topsheet. I had a 2 year old sheet of Tenergy 05 that out performed a 2 month old sheet of Joola Phenix hands down, which is very impressive. It is also a strong rubber that keeps its structural integrity when scuffed on the table as opposed to crumbling.

Other Key Attributes

Tenergy 05 is quite a heavy sheet of rubber and tends to make your blade very top heavy if you have maximum thickness on both sides
The throw angle of Tenergy 05 is very high.
Shot Selection

The only thing I find tricky using this rubber is power driving and smashing the ball. All Tenergy 05 wants to do is grip the ball and this makes it the perfect rubber for looping but when you come in for the kill I find myself making more mistakes than I would with other rubbers. I find it extremely hard to find the shot between heavy loop and the big ‘ole’ slap with Tenergy 05. At first I thought it was just my style and my technique when I tried other rubbers I could drive and smash effortlessly. As much as I can kill the point with heavy powerful loops it does bug me that I can’t just smash the ball effortlessly past the opponent like I can with some rubbers.

Overall - 9.4/10

Tenergy 05 spin and arc is just incredible and combined with its bouncy spring sponge power is a true weapon! If you are an attacker this is a rubber you definitely need to try at least once because there is a reason 90% or the world top players have it. Looping with this rubber is effortless, powerful and unbelievable. For me personally Tenergy 05 is the best rubber for looping in the world – hands down and in my opinion it is still the best rubber for attackers you can currently buy at the moment.

Here is one photo of the Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber :)
says https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.eduard.33/videos/vb.1000...
says https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.eduard.33/videos/vb.1000...
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Apr 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

The Tenergy 05 rubber is spetacular! I play on both sides, with 2/3 layers of Falco Long Booster. Extremely spinny, Excelente block, good away and close to the table. I haven't seen nothing better yet, at least for my forehand ahaha
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Jan 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

Been using this rubber for my backhand for 2 months, and I have already been liking it alot! It has great spin and speed, which is good for doing backhand loop. I also like to use it for blocking, as it can absorb the opponent's power and then send it back fast and stable. I do however, have some trouble at the beginning of using this rubber on a carbon blade, but it can be adjusted. The only downside is that this rubber is very expensive ($75 AUD). But overall, it is a great rubber!
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

This is a fantastic rubber. I've tried used all Tenergy rubbers, and 05 is my favourite for both backhand and forhand. It provides you with amazing speed and spin, just what an attacking player needs. I'm currently using it on the Stiga Carbonado 190 and it's amazing. You can truly feel the catapult effect of the sponge, working together with the topsheet to give you huge amounts of speed and spin.

The only complaint I have for the 05 is short game, you tend to hit the ball a little high and long, which makes it easy for you opponent to attack, but, nothing practise won't fix. I love T05 for opening and counter looping, blocks can be hard to contol, as the rubber is quite senstive to incoming spin.

If you need a rubber that provides you with huge amounts of speed and spin, combined with decent control, Tenergy 05 is for you.
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

In my opinion the Tenergy 05 is the best rubber for offensive players you can get. The power and spin is unmatched!
But there two big problems. At first the price, of course. The prices of other rubbers are similar but there is always a chance to get them cheaper than regular...with tenergys this is not possible in most cases.
The second big problem is the equality of the rubber. Some tenergys are softer than others and there are also very hard ones. I decided to weigh them before i buy a new one. I found my personal favourite weight (96 gram inclusive package) and so I can solve this problem.
The fact, that "the same" rubbers have a weight difference between 89 gram and 98 gram proves, that you don´t get the same rubber all the time!
Tenergy is not like Tenergy!!!!
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

This rubber is simply on a league of its own, not because it is the best rubber but because there's nothing out there that is quite the same. Yes there are many that are similar but trust me its not the same. This is a very fast and bouncy rubber with a lot of spin. No matter where you hit the ball from whether its short or far from the table, it will go in the way you want it to. It goes well with all sorts of blades, all wood, ALC, ZLC, any other fibres out there. This rubber is suitable for both backhand and forehand looping as it has quite a high arc to it (which compromises its short game when paired with faster blades such as ZLC blades) leading to a good short to mid-far game. going too far from the table will purely depend on the player as i dont believe that the rubber itself can give that much power. Hence overall this seems like a perfect rubber.
There are DOWNSIDES however and these are very important. The most important thing about this rubber is its lack of gears. trust me when i say this, no matter who hits the ball with a tenergy it will go on. You do not need much power at all to get the ball on the table producing a fair paced spinny shot by just hitting the ball. This is a very bad sign for beginners and those who want to develop their shot. this rubber pretty much plays the game for you hence you will not improve much starting off with it. So for those who are just starting off and want to improve the game i recommend stepping away from Tenergy to develop appropriate power, spin and shots before using this even though this rubber will feel like the holy grail of table tennis rubbers.
Also the rubber itself does not last very long - id say about 6 months of playing once a week therefore a very expensive choice indeed
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says Check out my Podcast Talkin' Smash!
Oct 2010
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

I've used Tenergy05 on both sides now for the past 2 years and I haven't felt any sudden urges to change, this rubber is reliable and a perfect attacking rubber. In my opinion T05 is the market leader in offensive rubbers!
5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

Hi! I play with this rubber and I like it very much. It benefits my strikes especially the loop though it has this good combination of speed and spin.
The best thing with this rubber according to me is it's durability. As a player training very much and at a high level I do pursue these rubbers I don't need to buy new ones of all the time. Butterfly 05 was my savior in this case. It's a rubber I recommend and I think it fits the majority of us table tennis players.
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4 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

I play with this rubber in both side for a year now. Before I used to play with Coppa platin x1 (completely a different style!).
This is a rubber only for offensive players.
You can do almost everything with it, however you must get used to the loop, quite surprising, but you can be very efficient, if you ALWAYS play forward.
In other cases, you will have no reaction of the rubber.
T05 will help you if you gives the right impact.

When I see beginners playing with that, it's like starting driving in a porsche. You don't know how to control it, what I have to do to have good feelings etw...*and damned, the price......*
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

I have used Tenergy 05 for about 2 years now and so far i love it. It's a fast rubber but you can still have good control.
I feel that with the tenergy 05 i get more spin in my serves and can perform better.

Though i think you should not use this rubber if you are new to the sport. I would prefer to start of with a non advanced rubber.
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Jul 2014
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 05

It is my rubber of choice for fh. My game depends pretty almost only on fh loops, counter-loops and reverse pendelum serves. I have tested many blades and almost every time I was happy with tenergy 05 on fh. You need to have decent technique to handle that monster and short game might be tricky, but I couldn't find any other rubber that suits my aggresive fh better than 05. The only disadvantage is price.