Tenergy 25

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Jul 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 25

Good offensive rubber with a fair amount of controll. I like it for counter topspin, flick and serve which makes it an excellent rubber for near the table topspin play.
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 25

Well, I've always been reluctant to buy the Tenergy 25 because it seems to be the least popular of the series. I got my hand on a sheet and decided to give it a try on my backhand. I have to say I've never been more impressed with a rubber. I used to play with the rasant powergrip on my backhand. I use my backhand mainly for opening up against backspin with a loop and once the game is open I use it to hit flat hits or control the rally with the placement of my shots. Some may say I should use short pips but that doesn't work for me. I need the spin capabilities of a rubber to do spinny loops against backspin.

The strength of the Tenergy 25 is the control u have. It's easy to block topspins and to place every ball precisely where u want it. Killing higher balls is also a piece of cake. U also have enough control in the serve receive and to do chops.

I think this is a specialist rubber which doesn't suit any playing style. If u like to play a looping game further away from the table, this rubber might not be for you. I also don't see it as a forehand rubber. I use my forehand mainly for looping and I think the Tenergy 25 is too low throw for my forehand. But if you are a close to the table attacker with your backhand who has a backhand style close to the techniques used with short pips, look nu further. This rubber will help you in the close to the table game while still being able to put enough spin on the ball. I played a league match with the T25 on my backhand and I beat two players with this rubber who were way above my playing level. And i played those matches without ever practicing with the T25, I just gave it a go. Safe to say that my search for a replacement for the Rasant Powergrip is over. I found a rubber which is even better for my playing style.
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 25

The T25 is a rubber not made for the average player. It is a rubber for those who play a quick off the bounce and rely on spin placement. The spin on T25 is equal to the amount of T05 depending, when you contact the ball. It is a hard rubber to play if you do not have quick reaction or good consistency on spin. Just know it is a specialist rubber. Not made for everyone. It's like Koki Niwa play style rubber.