Tenergy 64

says https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.eduard.33/videos/vb.1000...
says https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.eduard.33/videos/vb.1000...
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Apr 2015
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Personally I prefer a firmer rubber like Tenergy 05 with poly ball. But In our country we have to use G40+ and the ball sucks. I've changed to chinese rubber to FH and BH to get more grip and I found the best solution!
What Pablo said is that it depends on the players personal feeling and prefferencess, and thats true.
T64 is a softer tenergy, with sharper rebounce angle, lower and longer trajectory, less spin than T05, faster than T05 mainly because its lower trajectory /the ball travel less/.
TBS is not so fast, mid hard and mid stiff. It has enough flex to keep an arc with propper technique even with T64. With stiffer blade T64 would play very flat.
At the end it all depends on your personal style and prefferences.