Tenergy 64

says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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Dec 2010
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

I would like it if this rubber's sponge was a tiny bit softer. But it works really well. You get a ton of pace for over the table flips with backhand. It is good on forehand as well. The topsheet grabs the ball nicely. I think the sponge is a bit hard for my backhand but it plays great on both wings. Good for looping close to the table, over the table and at longer ranges. It seems to have a slightly lower throw angle than Tenergy 05. But I really think this is a darn good rubber. I just started using it for my backhand and am still more used to 05FX for backhand which I used for about a year. But it has more pace and power than the 05FX. I just like how I could easily get the ball to sink into the sponge with my backhand.
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Feb 2015
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4 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

I just started using this rubber about three weeks ago and after training with it a minimum of an hour a day I have come to the conclusion my expectations were too high. I really expected this rubber to have a bit more speed and spin. After reading a lot of reviews I expected the rubber to be too fast for a beginner, I consider myself a beginner, to handle but I actually wish it was a little faster. I think the top sheet really does a good job of gripping the ball. I can place the ball exactly where I want to hit it. I am a little disappointed in the spin and speed but that could come with more practice. Overall great rubber!
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Oct 2010
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

I loved the Tenergy 64 on my backhand because it helped my style of play. From a backspin ball it produced enough spin to make it hard for the opponent to counter which then led to me being in control of the table. This rubber has more spin than the Tenergy 05 as it is a little bit softer which gives more dwell time an control. When countering it gives you great feeling when countering close to the table which helps me get my forehand in play.

The Tenergy series in general allows you to feel confident with all your shots. I would highly recommend this rubber for anyone who has a good controlled, steady backhand which allows them to get their strong forehand in.
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Aug 2015
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4 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

Pretty expensive just like all the Tenergys, but I love the control I get with it on my backhand. In my opinion, compared to the Tenergy 05, the Tenergy 64 has less spin and speed, but more control and that's what I like for my backhand. I especially love the counter attacking I get with that rubber.
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Apr 2011
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

The Tenergy 64 is an excellent rubber. With a high throw (but less than its T05 / T80 brothers), it is a rubber for attackers.

It has a soft feel and more bounce than the T05/T80 but is still very linear.

I found it to be better than T80 or T05 in damp conditions.

The T64 is in theory the fastest of all tenergies, has more than enough spin and thanks to its softness and increased dwell time, it's a versatile rubber.
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5 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

Well my T64 arrives faster than I thought. The T64 that I just ordered just came and I gonna do a simple review of it. First of all, it feels slightly softer than T05 and T80. It us the fastest in the Tenergy series and the least spin. When doing some testing of this rubber, I use it on my BH. It is good for blocking and drives. Now I know why many Chinese top players use T64 on their BH. Cuz they like to do mid-distance drives with their BH. My playing style is the same. Flicks with thus rubber are marvelous. I recommend to use this rubber with a high trajectory blade so can keep precision in close and far distance. Note this !! this rubber is good for counter-drive not counter-attack. BH Open ups are also good. I also like my BH 3rd and 5th ball attacks. I usually use FH on 3rd balls but my BH also works. Thats what I can review.
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3 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

Rate: 8/10
Thickness: 2.2mm
Colour: Black
Sponge: Soft

I have used T64 for about 6 months. (It was really pricey for me so i used it for a really long time xD)
I used it on my Donic Burn-Off blade on my FH. I didn't really like it because it was too soft, pricey and less spinny.

What i want everyone to know is that it is a good rubber but *** It is not for everyone ***

What i like about this rubber is that it is good on both BH and FH since sometimes i used it on my bh also.
To me, i think all of the tenergy series suits on both BH and FH.
Lets get into the real deal!

It has a low throw angle which makes it easy for you to make errors.
When i first started using it, my pushes would go off the table or into the net.
It takes quite a while for me to adapt to it.

It is really good for people who is dominant BH player. During BH drive, it helps produce a really powerful BH and easy dropshot.
As for serving, due to the soft rubber it requires a really fast brushy movement in order to produce a really spinny serve but you'll get used to it when you use it.
Its nothing to worry about.
*** Really good for BLOCKING but needs skills***
Blocking with this rubber is almost effortless. Yes. Effortless because of the high tension sponge.
FH topspins and loops, when using it for my FH the topspins and loops i had to adjust my technique but after adjusting, the topspins and loops with this rubber is really great as it gives you explosive speed with the help of the high tension sponge.
Sorry if i made it sound like a butterfly advertisement at some point. xD ahahahaha
*** ALSO, i forgot to about the durability part! After 1month of using it, i already felt some lose to its speed and grip.***
Butterfly should have made it a lot more durable since it is really pricey. Im kinda disappointed. :/

I would recommend this rubber for developing intermediate and above.
This rubber would suit people who prefer mid distance play, soft sponge and for someone who prefer explosive speed instead of spin. ;)
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4 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

I've been playing with Tenergy 64 on the Backhand for a year now.

It's an excellent rubber for the punch blocking and blocks in general, as it doesn't absorb the spin as much as other rubbers.

However, it is lacking in high quality spin away from the table - For this, Tenergy 05 is the much better option (it produces a higher arc).

Recommended for a player who can control the speed, who likes to play close to the table attacking shots.
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4 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

The rubber is not very sensitive to spin which makes it easy to block and return serves,however, it has low dwell time.It is very fast which can be good for counter attacking but gives a low margin for error.I feel the rubber is suited to the backhand because of the lack of spin.If you block,punch and counter on the backhand this is the rubber for you!
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Mar 2015
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4 out of 5 rating for Tenergy 64

Speed: The rubber is very fast. if you put it on a carbon blade it's going to be a cannon.

Spin: It still has good spin for its speed. But if you're looking for more spin, then I'd suggest using an allwood blade with it.

Control: it's perfectly fine to control if you're advanced enough.

Serves: Serves can be played with a lot of spin. Serving short is also easy.

Short game: Combined with a carbon blade it can be difficult at times. The combination of the too makes it harder to keep the ball short. If you have problems with the short game then you should probably use an allwood blade to get more control and touch.

Durability:The strength of the tenergy series is not only its playing characteristics. The durability is also very good. The rubber visually looks like it is done after some time, but the playing characteristics are still maintained for a long period. Unlike rubbers where the characteristics completely change after the first few weeks.
Blocking: Blocking,especially with the backhand, is very nice. The ball shoots off the racket more straight making it easy to punch block.

Arc: To arc noticeably lower that the one of tenergy 05 for example.

Conclusion: This rubber is suited for players looking for a fast dynamic rubber. It performs best when playing mid distance, since the trajectory is more streamline. You can really generate a lot of speed whilst still maintaining control. Especially on the backhand this rubber is very good.