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May 2018
Hello All,

I am a mid-ranged player and around 2000 US rated player. My playing style is controlled offense. I have a fairly good control over the ball. But since a year or so, I noticed that I feel a lot of tension in my fore arms while playing forehand. Because of it I had to finish off the rally. I have the same problem with my non-playing hand while serving. I feel lot of tension built up while i am tossing the ball for a forehand pendulum serve. Because of it I am messing up the toss and hence the serve. I work in IT and my i will be on computers 8-9 hours a day. Is there any tips to release the tension in my arms?

Thanks & Regards,
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Stretches for forearms that are good for a few things:

These stretches are good for things like tennis elbow and carpal tunnel. But they are also good for general tension. The one with the drum sticks can be done with any kind of stick and is something drummers do simply to get their forearms ready for playing and to loosen them after playing. But the first one on the floor is technically an easier way to get the same stretch.

The important thing is, you don't try to go too far, you don't push yourself as though it should look a certain way or you should get to a specific place in range of motion. You are just trying to feel a decent stretch. If you feel enough, you stop there.

Those stretches will probably help what you are talking about.
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