The future of Portugal National Team

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Apr 2013
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I dont know why like such a large counrty such as spain have such a rubbish table tennis team, while the likes of portugal have some really good players. Marcos Freitas, Thiago Apolonia, and Joan Monterio. All Spain have in Carlos Machado and he aint even that good.

Does anyone know what the Portugese table tennis structure in the country is like. Do they have a very good table tennis Infrastructure like in Germany .....
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no we dont have. now we have some academics but a years a go we have nothing. I heard a lot of portugueses saying that we have great player but without know how to write and how to read (a portugues expression) that means we have great player but coming from nowhere. maybe we have great coaches in some clubs but not the best infrastructures. And maybe half of the country dont have federation of table tennis like the district where i live
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I agree in some aspects with revulucao ,like the thing about "...we have great players but coming from nowhere." , about the regional federation,we always got the same what we have now mostly.
The problem in Portugal is,you cant find many professional clubs,because sign ups for the all season(by team,by player)and medical ensurance are pretty expensive,and the material too.Most of the infrastructures where tt associations reside are pretty old(some raining inside),and is pretty hard for you get recongnized,even if you play pretty well at amateur leagues,theres no scouts for looking for players(at least in most of portugal).
The point is,or you borned in a place where is a nice club for you get in,or even if you're a great player,hardly you get some chances.
Most of this Juniors we are seeing at the top video,are from some of the most always recognized and best teams from portugal.
One of the seniors from a team where i use to go get some training when my club is off,that is in 2nd division in Portugal,is training this kidds,and he is an defensive L.pimples-out player.(and nothing from another world)
I talk for self experience,because i already was the top player from my town,and even one of the north of Portugal top players(Junior and after some time Senior),
and the opportunity for get into pro's were never there.
Many asked me to go play for them,but from my town,nothing "serious",like pro.
I got my opportunity at 9/10 years old,with the coach from the club of the "Juniors national coach",but my mom didnt let me go alone to stages,and tournaments outside my town at that age,so,"1 life gone".
I saw more people playing table-tennis at 15 years ago,then now,but i live in a urban city,near the sea,and much populated for the area it gots,but with the years passing,i see less people start playing table-tennis.(sadly)
Maybe in revulucao district can have less population then here,so the things going in other ways.
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