The German League 2011/2012

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Oct 2010
The German League (TTBL) 2011/2012


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The German Bundesliga as it's mostly known around the world or the Tischtennis Bundesliga is probably the most competitive league next to the Chinese Superleague. In this thread you can share your thoughts, news, articles and videos about the league.

Here is its official page:

Team List Below:

1) 1. FC Saarbrücken TT

- Players: Bastian Steger, Joao Monteiro, Bojan Tokic

2) TTC RS Fulda-Maberzell

- Players: Wang Xi, Robert Svensson, Jan-Ove Waldner, Qing Yu Meng

3) Borussia Düsseldorf

- Players: Timo Boll, Patrick Baum, Christian Süss, Janos Jakab

4) TG 1837 Hanau

- Players: Yang Li, Patrick Franziska, Steffen Mengel

5) TTC matec Frickenhausen

- Players: Kenji Matsudaira, Jacub Kosowski, Torben Wosik

6) TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen

- Players: Tiago Apolonia, Andrej Gacina, Kirill Skachkov, Liam Pitchford

7) TTC Grenzau

- Players: Hu Li, Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth, Tomas Pavelka

8) SV Werder Bremen

- Players: Adrian Crisan, Sharath Kamal Achanta, Jens Lundquist, Constantin Cioti

9) SV Plüderhausen

- Players: Chu Yan Leung, Aleksandar Karakasevic, Thomas Keinath, Philipp Floritz, Trinko Keen

10) TTC Ruhrstadt Herne

- Players: Seiya Kishikawa, Kim Jung Hoon, Petr Korbel, Lars Hielscher

Since Timo Boll has been struggling with the flu lately, Düsseldorf had to suffer some defeats they usually don't. Teams like Saarbrücken and Fulda have used that opportunity and have clinched the first and second place of the table, above Düsseldorf. The four best teams will play the finals at the end of the season and the race for those spots hasn't been this exciting for many years.


Click here to catch live coverage of the Bundesliga
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Mar 2011

# Fulda Vs
Düsseldorf (March 11, 2012)

[Fulda vs Düsseldorf] (game1) BAUM Patrick - WANG Xi [Full Match]

[Fulda vs Düsseldorf] (game2) SUSS Christian - SVENSSON Robert [Full Match]

[Fulda vs Düsseldorf] (game3) Danny Heister - Jan Ove Waldner [an amazing shot by JO Waldner]
# Many Thanks to my friend GecaPhoenix!!

[Fulda vs Düsseldorf] (game4) SUSS Christian - WANG Xi (~Last set)

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May 2011
Woow the German Bundesliga will be AWESOME next season. Ochsenhausen signed Ryu Seung Min, Werder Bremen signed Chuang Chih Yuan and Frickenhausen signed Koki Niwa!!! Surely that will be an intense competition for Düsseldorf and Saarbrücken now!