The wait is finally over for the highly anticipated T2 APAC League which begins tomorrow on the 27th June with round 1 taking place! 12 male players and 12 female players will be competing in the new league from July to December in Hong Kong! The players have now been allocated to their team, with legends as the their team coaches!

The T2 APAC League is like nothing we have ever seen before, it is highly unique with many new adaptations to the rules. What I really like is the way the players are being marketed, just check out the image above, you will see what I mean!

The league is comprised of 6 rounds with a prize fund of 1.5 million dollars!

Watch the video below as the coaches pick their players! It is really dam cool!


Team Michael Maze:
Timo Boll, Chen Chien-An, Aleksandr Shibaev
Feng Tianwei, Yang Haeun, Hina Hayata

Team Jiang Jialiang:
Vladimir Samsonov, Chuang Chih-Yuan, Tomokazu Harimoto
Wu Yang, Jeon Jihee, Matilda Ekholm

Team Jorgen Persson:
Jun Mizutani, Joo Saehyuk, Mattias Karsson
Bernadette Szocs, Suthasini Sawettabut, Ding Ning

Team Jorg Rosskopf:
Dmitrij Ovtcharov, Shang Kun, Paul Drinkhall
Cheng I Ching, Elizabeta Samara, Georgina Pota


Round 1: June 28-30
Round 2: July 11-15
Round 3: Aug 1-5
Round 4: Sept 19-23
Round 5: Oct 3-7
Round 6: Oct 31-4

The matches will take place in the spectacular Pinewood studios in Malaysia with several innovative ideas to spice the sport up a bit! To make the game more spectator-friendly, it will incorporate slow-motion presentation while adopting a player draft and a unique scoring system. Time limits of 24 minutes per match will be imposed on each match. These innovative concepts will be introduced in the hopes to improve spectators but hopefully great for the spectators.

Who's looking forward to the event?

Michael Maze Team


Jiang Jialiang's Team


Jorgen Persson's Team


Jorg Rosskopf's Team


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