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Full Name: Thiago Monteiro BRAZIL

Age: 29

Date Of Birth: 15/06/81

Height: 1.74 m

Club Represent: Vaillante Angers Tennis de Table FRANCE

Highest World Ranking: Nr. 59

Equipment: Cornilleau Hinotec Blade and Pilot Advance Rubbers

Your career

How long have you been playing table tennis for, when did you start?
I started playing when I was about 5 or 6.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
My father, who was my first coach.

BollForte94 from table tennis daily wants to know what do you practice the most. Do you have a cetain training rechime each week or does it alter?
I try to practise every aspect of my game in my training sessions and I adjust acording to what I want to improve or if I have a competition coming soon or not. Depending on the moment I give more attention to one specific part of my game.

Do you serve practice often?
I used to when I was younger but nowadays only when I really feel like. When you are young it can be good to work hard on this part.

Your a very successful international star now, what do you feel was your biggest achievement to date?
I don't think I am that big star but my wins against top 20 players and few top 10 were important as well as my Pan American medals and world ranking nr. 59, my best so far.

Ok, maybe you don't like looking back to this but what was your biggest low in your career?
It's what I am living now, recovering from injury in my wrist.

Are you looking forward to the 2012 Olympics?
Once in a while my thoughts are there but I need to focus on the moment too and I have important competitions before that.

TerIphik - Hi, I would like to know if the material (rubbers and blades) of professional players is the same to the same material as we (nonprofessional) buy in table tennis shops?
Well, what concerns my equipment yes! I have never been so complicated with my equipment and Cornilleau provides top quality equipment for the pro players as well for the amateurs that buy it normally.

Do you use booster to enhance your rubber?
NO and I am COMPLETELY against it! It is really STUPID to create a rule that you can not control. For me that should be SEVERE PUNISHMENT for those who use!!!

lesliefrancs - HI, Is pursuing a life towards TT worth the rewards? and does playing TT full time effect your personal life?
For me it is worth it!! It affetcs my life but I do what I like and I am very happy with my decicions and to be a professional player.

Do you run every day?
I did that in my junior years but nowadays I do not run that often. Now I run more often before the beggining of the season and during it I do once in a while.

GecaPhoenix - What's your view on the chinese dominniance at the moment, Why are they so good do you belive?
Because they practise more, have better coaches and all the structure to develop their game.

Leankints wants to know do you train on the mental aspects of the game. Do you find this side of the game is just as important as the technical parts?
I work on that of course. Higher the level is more the mental aspect of the game becomes important.

DaveCochrane - Hi, I would like to know what you want to do when your playing days are over, will you stay working in table tennis such as coaching etc.
I don't have one very precise idea yet but I would like to stay in table tennis, even though I don't see myself as a coach.

forestloves - HI, would you rather Win the World Championships, or win a silver in the Olympic Games?
World Champion.

topgunwow - Hi, are you happy about the speed glue ban, has it had an effect on your game?
It is not about being happy or not. But a rule that can not be applied correctly is stupid. With or without glue it is the same for both players but when some cheat with booster it is a problem to me.

Off the topic questions

Whos the most famous person you know through table tennis?
I've been in contact with some famous people but I am not the kind of persson that thinks about it, so I don't even remember!!

Whos your favourite sportsmen of all time?
There are many: Ronaldo, Valentino Rossi, Kelly Slater, Guga Kuerten, Federer... that would be a very big list!!

Favourite film?
I love watching but I really do not have one in particular.

What car do you drive?
Peugeot 207

Whats your favouirte music?
Brazilian Music

What do you do in your spare time other then table tennis?
Surf on internet, read, movies and spend time with friends.

Do you eat well or eat junk good?
Eat well but once in a while I eat some junk food too.

PS3 or XBOX 360?
I don't like video games. I am very bad... once I played with a friend football and he got a phone call. I played for 5 minutes alone and could not score!!

Thiago in action vs Timo Boll!

Your team mates

Whos the funniest player in the trianing hall?
I cannot think of a name right now, maybe because everyone I practise with is serious?

Whos trains the hardest in the training hall?
All my teammates. When you practise with professional players that is not really a problem.

Whos the funniest team player?
My friend Thomas Keinath.

Who has the best nickname?
My now teammate He Zhiwen who is kindly called Juanito.

And Lastly

And lastly, thanks very much for your kindness in taking part in this interview for all the members of the Table Tennis Daily forum to learn and know more about the life of a professional player.

Would you like to add one last tip, or an inspiriational message to us all?

Enjoy life, play the games!

Good luck in your next competition


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