Tibhar Genius

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Dec 2010
Hi members of this beautiful forum :D
I want to test the Tibhar Genius 2.0 on my forehand but I'm not quite sure if I can deal with this rubber ... :D weird ... :D
At the moment I'm playing a Sriver G3 2.1 on a Boll Forte but the G3 is very old now and I want to change ....
Playing Style: With my forehand I topspin the ball mostly: against backspin, no spin, topspin,block
How much faster is the Genius 2.0 to the G3 2.1 ?
How much dynamic has the Genius?
Genius on Boll Forte? Does it work ?

Thank you ;)

P.S: Or maybe the Genius Optimum+? The Soft-versions of genius and genius optimum are too soft for me