Tibhar's catalogue ratings and CCA7

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Nov 2020
Hello to everyone,

After trying to find a blade that fits my style through Tibhar's catalogue I found CCA7, which caught my attention. My style includes heavy forehand Topspins and a lot of underspins services. Most winning points in matches are due the inability of opponent to estimate the amount of spin. That happened because from the blades that are consider for advanced is the slower and provides topspin capabilities. the reason I'm writing about the ratings is that appears to be slower and with more control from Tibhar Stratus Powerwood, which is proposed in the forum for an all+, off- blade. I'm asking if the ratings between the same company products are reliable and if there is any reviews and opinions for the CCA7.

Thank you.
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Oct 2020
I've used the Lebesson and the Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon which are rated (for speed) in the Tibhar catalogue as 8 (Lebesson) and 9+ (Drinkhall) and there is a significant difference between them.
In my opinion, I would call the Lebesson an ALL+ blade and the Drinkhall Powerspin an OFF+ blade. I see the CCA7 is rated as 8+, which probably means it's an OFF-.
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