Timo Boll ALC short handle problem/ Blade suggestions

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Hey guys!

I've been playing with Timo Boll ALC for 6 months now, and I still feel a bit uncomfortable with the blade.Not that I find its performance to be lacking (actually, it's the best blade I've ever used), it's the short handle which causes me problems..

When I swing the blade, I feel that anytime soon it will slip away from my hands..so I usually go for controlled shots and does not swing "fully"..But that takes toll of my performance in matches.

I usually play with FL blades but I had to replace my old blade because it was damaged. I ordered FL Timo Boll ALC but when it was delivered, it turned out to be ST, I notified them and they said it was their last stock. So, to cut the story short, I stayed with this ST Timo Boll ALC hoping that I could make myself comfortable in using it. But several months have passed and I still feel uncomfortable with the handle.

It's thickness is okay for me, it's the length of the handle..It's too short.
One time it crossed my mine to sell this and buy a blade that's close to Timo Boll ALC but with a better handle, that is, a longer one.

What do you guys think?
Should I stay with it? Or should I let it go and find a blade that's close to its performance but with my desired handle?