Timoboll alc 70th anniversary gold review

says Not for sale, I liked it actually
says Not for sale, I liked it actually
May 2018
Level: 21xxs been at this level for a while

FH: 40 degree 2.1mm h3
BH: 37 degree 2.1mm h3

I've used timoboll alc extensively in the past. After trying the 70th anniversary I got it say is an upgrade in every aspect especially the weaknesses of the commercial version.

Let's go over the weakness of normal timoboll alc blade
1. Some of them can be rather "light", there are some timoboll alc blade weight around 82~85g range.
2. It lacks power away from the table and there's a brittle hollow sound which result in the ball falling to the net or short on the table (which make it easier for opponent to return your shots).
3. it lacks spin compare to other paddle like viscaria or hl5

The weight part can easily be compensate by having heavier or some extra glue/rubber but my biggest reason why i move away from timoboll alc as my level goes up is because the lack of quality of my shots. My opponent find it easy to block my shots (I do boost but i don't spam boost and change new rubber every so often so it's perfectly normal for me to use an old h3 that's like 2 month old in a match) because most of my shots land short side of the table. For people who's trying to improve the extra 6 inch further down the table easily equate to 100~200usatt in level. For high level players they can consistently hit the ball far end of the table forcing their opponent to back off which result in easier points. The normal Timoboll alc also "hollows" out at top end of the gear which result in weak shots or shots being weirdly go down the net; this is especailly true when you are using h3.

The 70th anniversary version however address all of my issues with the commercial version.

1. The weight of most of timoboll gold is consistently over 90g. My blade weights 96g
2. My opponent find it difficult to block my shots in both spin and power. Which i don't really understand because normal timoboll alc really lacks spin but somehow gold tag have loads of spin
3. My shots consistently land on far end of the table which is completely opposite of what the normal timoboll alc does.
4. I don't experience the "hollow" out feeling when hitting hard shots which is a huge plus.

So yes, $$$ does makes a difference, for me it's kind of big.

I have a few friends that have viscera gold and they say the same thing regarding the difference between normal vis and gold tag. The gold tag plays way better with better spin, power, bigger sweetspot, heavier and consistency.