Tips on using long pips ?

Hello everyone !

I recently switched to pips-out rubber. First I want to explain why.
I played an aggressive spin-oriented style for 7 and a half years and I'm getting bored. I learned every technique I've heard about (although not perfected) and want to learn something new. My previous style was also getting to fast for me to follow. I often relied on a fast top-spin shot to end the point. But since this year, where I'm playing at my highest level yet, I am overwhelmed by the speed of the players.
Here come the pimples. The playstyle I want to build is an addition to my previous. I am still playing with the same blade and same "forehand" rubber (one tick thinner) but wanted to add a rubber that could lower the speed of the matches. As I'm pretty good at executing top-spins from either side, I also wanted to learn to twiddle the racket and use it on both forehand and backhand.
I'm not interested in getting the best ranking possible, but just having fun and learn something new.

Now come my questions 😅
What are some drills that I could do when in free practice (without trainer) ? And what are some tips you can give to a newbie in pimple-play ?
I really want to stick with my offensive game, but still add some rythm variation with the pimples.
More intensive drills are also welcome, being only 23 years old.

Thanks in advance !
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Oct 2016
But how do you want to play? as a pushblocker or a chopper?