Title defense in battle of nerves - Borussia Düsseldorf wins Liebherr TTBL final

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Feb 2019
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Oct 2016
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I think Borussia had idea if 1. FC Saarbrücken will put Darko Jorgic on first spot then Anton will beat him or even if he loose Timo Boll will win with Polanski on 3rd spot and this will be easy 3:0 or 2:1 with advantage. When I saw the draw I had idea that Saarbrucken hit they spot very well because Franziska plays a lot with Dang QIU and Jorgic is known as unstoppable with slow tempo players. You saw how easy Jorgic counterattack his magic looping balls? Timo sadness was not normal because something broke inside him like he is not on the level. I saw this and I feel this and this is true.
FOR ME, Franziska stamina is bad. Darko Jorgic should play 2 matches but last time Dang Qiu won with him that's why they didn't want to put him to play 2 matches in potential battle with Kallberg and Qiu you must have day of life. The Saarbrucken reading their opponents well because Franziska is Timo sparing partner so he knows how he feel and they can judge who will be on third spot.