Topspin attack rubbers

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I tried Rasant turbo and using Rhyzm 48 now. Rasant's pretty heavy while Rhyzm's way lighter. Rasant low throw and Rhyzm medium. I didn't recommend Rasant 'cuz as I've recently said few times here Rasant is very blade-dependent and probably only works best on soft blades(despite IMO it's still a better rubber in all ways than Rhyzm). Rhyzm on the other hand should easily work well on many blades and is a safer choice.

Both are the best rubbers I've ever tried even with Tibhar, Tenergies, Stiga and Xiom in mind. (Though I still haven't tried Sigma, Evolution and Calibra Tour :p)
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Unfortunately I can't really tell. It seems like each ALC can differ from each other alot. Most say it's a bit harder than Viscaria(which is definitely soft) but the ALC I borrowed from my friend felt like it's made from metal lol.

Do trust your feelings for this 1. If u think ur ALC doesn't have great dwell time then just forget about Rasant ('cuz it won't able to utilize the awesome spin potential from topsheet which was also why most said Rasant wasn't spinny).
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Be aware though Joola seems to have updated the Rhyzm series cuz' the others' experiences was nothing similar to mine, including the weight ... (the last 1 seems to be pretty heavy)
Let's be honest BF M2 should be pretty close to the normal T05 (especially the high throw). M1's certainly gonna be much heavier than any Tenergies though that's for sure('cuz M2 already is heavier).
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I also got tired of paying too much for Tenergy, so I ended up settling on Aurus the last two years. Great control, spin and pace. Good balance and control.

Now since I have the Nexy Arirang as my main blade with Evolution FX-P... holp crap! Batamn! Spin! Control!, Feel, Sound! It's like a real juiced up slightly softer version of Aurus!