Under €40 but is it any good? | Xiom Vega X Review

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I have tried the Vega X for a few sessions now (only on FH, max thickness) and I really like it so far. Topsheet is very grippy so it picks up balls well. Has a good amount of spin plus it's quite easy to spin with, not like some of the much harder rubbers that need more of a tennis swing to get a decent amount spin out of it. Balls come down very nicely and don't overshoot as often when I topspin, it had a medium to low arc. Rubber is very linear and it's amazing in the short game, don't think I have tried a modern tensor that is as good as this for the short game. It doesn't have insane amounts of speed but on a powerful stroke it surely isn't slow either. My serves were very spinny and easy to keep short too. Great for blocking, lots of control yet this rubber does give me more confidence to block a bit more actively which is a big plus.

While it's not a high end rubber like Tenergy/Omega VII/MX-P the Vega X has qualities those rubbers do not have especially in terms of control. Speedwise it might fall a bit short but spinwise I think it's nearly up there with the previously mentioned rubbers. I think it's a great rubber to use if you're still developing but it's also a rubber that you could possibly stick with till a pretty high level. I wish I was a better player to confirm that theory though....
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What I find interesting: according to your signature you play Dignics 80 on the other side. On a German forum, people currently compare Vega X and D80, find them similar and even prefer the Vega, and that just not because of the cheaper price.

You do not seem to think they are similar at all, otherwise you´d probably replace the costly Dignics with Vega X?

I am afraid on the German forum this is hyped by a few people, and while over here Vega Pro is considered a nice enough, controlled rubber, over there some still think it is a useful alternative to tenergy05 (I think maybe up to 50 % of the tenergy´s power quite similar in playing characteristics, but not more).

So tell me please, Dignics80 and Vega X, how many miles apart?

Generally, I've been using both Dignics and Xiom for a short time (4 or 5 training sessions). Earlier on bh side I had Xiom Europe and on fh Xiom Vega Pro. Switch from VP to VX was very very easy... One training and done. With Dignics was (and still is) more difficult but I think that hard rubbers are more suitable for me on bh so change was neccessary ;) but change from soft to hard rubber is more "time-consuming" ;) so about Your question- in my opinion this two rubbers can't be placed on the same shelf. Dignics certainly has a flatter ball path and is more sensitive to opponent's roatation. Both are very good in block, but Dignics gives You more options- You can shorten the block by gently withdrawing your hand ar accelerate with opposite move. It's just fantastic. Xiom VX is more predictable in this element but still very dangerous ;) I have impression that Dignics is a bit harder than VX, but I still prefer to have it on bh side. In attack Xiom X is just brilliant. You can play strong, effective atack exactly where You planned. The feeling it's just amazing. This rubbers forgives You mistakes in technique but You need to have a solid foundation to master it perfectly :) I've tried both of them on fh side and my opponents claimed that attacks were faster with Dignics but they had more problems to block well or counter topspins from VX. This is probably due to a better rotation from Xiom. Generally, as I said, I would not put those two one the same level, and I won't tell You which is better beacuse each of them has different advantages. I found for me the optimal combination of rubbers and blade so I think that both will stay with me in this configuration for a long time ;)
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[size=+1]SHURELY, STRONG HAND IS A GREAT ASSET.[/size] POWER Ball@ exerciser is the solution.

Yes, strong wrist and legs do make me a happy guy, I feel quite potent to smash up the ball with any sponged rubber whatever, the price no matter at all. . 729 FX has been my beloved product for many years.

/Be happyi.
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Oct 2019
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as for niwbiews i guess it perform ok but for professionals a big no

Disagree. Depends on professional definition. I think this statement is way too broad. I haven't put that much time with this rubber, but so far i think it's good enough for anyone who consider himself intermediate. For "newbies" it might be too fast.
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Dec 2019
The durability of the rubber is all right. I have been playing with it for more than 3 months now, almost 4 and it has lost more spin on forehand side than on the backhand, probably because I have practised my serve during the lockdown every day outside. Backhand side has lost some spin also but not as much.

I also have a friend that has ordered the rubbers 2 weeks after me, and played with them only in club, not playing during the lockdown and his rubbers are like brand new.

It doesn't get chipped easily, I have bumped them on the table several times on accident but they haven't chipped.

I am not planing on buying new ones soon beacause I can still lift beckspin easily with them. All in all vega x is a very good and quite durable rubber in my experience.