Vega Euro

5 out of 5 rating for Vega Euro

A medium-fast blade that is light at about 83-86 grams. I think this is the blade that stands out after Stradivarius among Xiom blades. It is highly underrated and the blade itself has a better feel even when you compared to viscaria and timo boll alc blades. It is slightly slower than viscaria and feels a tad softer but it is already fast at OFF speed (not off+). What sets it apart is that it feels like an all wood blade and has its softness but it has the stability of a composite blade and the speed. What puzzles me is that this blade has gone unnoticed by most EJ's. The blade can definitely be used by players of different styles except defensive choppers. Other than that, the blade is amazing and can be matched with any Chinese, Japanese and Euro rubbers.