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4 out of 5 rating for Vega Europe

A soft, but fast rubber for control and spin game. I use it on both FH and BH with the Xiom Zetro Quad blade. It lets you loop with no problems at mid distance, and the backhand flick is increadibly easier with this rubber.
You can add tons of spin in both BH and FH topspin, and even in serves, but when receiving short is a little too bouncy.
When blocking you can feel the extra control of this rubber, as it's easier to put the ball right where you want it. When attacking its better than other rubbers I have tried, and it's very versatile as you can hit flat or with spin, could be faster, but it works just perfect for me.

Lasts longer than an Andro Rasant Grip, but less than other rubbers, and you have to be careful to hit the table or something else as it's sponge can break really easy on the edges.

It's cheaper than the popular Tenergy's (the softer ones, 05-fx maybe) and the quality is pretty similar in my opinion, so if you are searching for alternatives give it a try.
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4 out of 5 rating for Vega Europe

I am currently using this rubber for my forehand at Maximum Thickness.

This rubber needs some adjustment if you just start using it because it is very fast and bouncy. But once you get used to this rubber, it can be a monster. It can give you great power on your shots with high spin.

Topsinning is easy. You don't have to swing your full arm with this rubber. Just do european style loop like Timo Boll and the ball is already fast and spinny. Away from the table it can still generate power to make a strong top spin.

Blocking is very good, especially on backhand punch block (i tried this rubber on my backhand too). This is a fast rubber but i found blocking is very controllable with this rubber.

Counter Topspin. This is my favorite part of this rubber. Counter topsin is very easy you just have to snap your arm forward a little bit and it will make a strong counter topspin if your timing is correct.

Serving is great. Not as spinny as tacky china rubbers but if you do a fine brushing contact you can still generate a lot of spin.

Pushing. When you push with this rubber it often bounces too high because it is very bouncy rubber so you have to really relax the grip if you want to push low.

As for durability, i am using this already for 2 months and it still performs very well. At my school usually i play like 3 hours (3 - 4 times a week). And at my house i play everyday for 1 - 2 hours.

Overall this rubber is really good for players who plays topsin and blocking game a lot. But it is not really easy to adjust with this rubber. You have to practice some before you can play this rubber in game.
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4 out of 5 rating for Vega Europe

I recently switched my BH rubber from Vega Pro to Vega Europe with the aim of gaining more control. This worked out well: I can now cope more easily with incoming topspins, both by blocking and counter-attacking. Had to adjust my short play though as it is quite bouncy.
5 out of 5 rating for Vega Europe

-This rubber definitely outperforms its low price of just 38 US dollars
-Nice feel
-Good speed and spin, but not uncontrollably fast. In fact the control is outstanding
-Very nice soft feeling
-Topsheet feels fragile and chips away easily
-The sponge has a unique black colour (just as many other Xiom rubbers are)