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Aug 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Violin

I'm suprised there's no reviews on this blade, as its one that I recommend to virtually everybody. The violin is a fantastic 5ply blade, it's the slowest of the instrumental series (violin, accoustic, tenor). but it's also the spinniest

This blade is sent from the heavens for a player that likes to load up on spin on their loops. It's the easiest blade of any that I've used for looping. The limba outer plies make it very soft and easy to use. However, since the blade is so soft and flexible, I wouldn't recommend ever using a soft rubber with it. I recommend this blade over all others for new developing players. If you have any questions about this blade I'd be glad to answer you, send me a pm or an email!
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5 out of 5 rating for Violin

The instrument series by Nittaku are probably one of the best crafted blades out there, just looking at the grains on the blade was a beauty on its own, therefore though pricey its definitely worth it.
Now to the review, at first I had tenergy 05 on forehand and 64 on backhand therefore I couldnt complain much about the speed. The control was amazing at this point, most of my loops went on quite easily and with you could pretty much feel the ball with every shot, no matter how soft or hard you hit the ball (just to describe how great the feeling of this blade is).
The problem came in when i decided to put on a sheet of hurricane provincial to the forehand, (Ive always used tenergy so hurricane was a whole new experience here) I found that the ball went nowhere literally. i could not even get one shot over the net which was very frustrating. This was when i realised how slow the blade really was. Why i say it was in the blade is because i put the same sheet on an innerforce T5000 and the hurricane was perfectly fine.
I still rate this blade 5 stars however because paired with any european/japanese rubber it will never go wrong and the feeling and craftsmanship of this blade is just superb
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5 out of 5 rating for Violin

It was the last blade of the musical instruments line i bought but is by far the best. No vibration, awesome feeling, blocks, topspin, serves...all good.

The best experience i had was with medium/hard rubbers like Rakza 7, Adidas P7 and Fastarc G-1(the sponge is hard but top sheet is very elastic).
It has high throw, flexible(not that much), huge dwell and a the top ply is mildly hard. Perfect blade for begginers and intermediate level. Unless youre in a level that youre constantly in open rallies, the speed is more than enough with modern rubbers.

I tried with double inverted and it was awesome. With short pips, awesome too! - although had some trouble to adjust pips topspins. Now i want to try with long pips, Curl P-1R 1.2mm, im sure this blade will perform well too!

Of all the blades i have, this is the only one if i got a chance, i would buy 3 more of them.
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5 out of 5 rating for Violin

The Nittaku Violin is an extremely high quality 5 Ply blade that I would rate in the All+/Off- category. An amazing blade for developing players, it has great feel and control. It's Ply composition is fairly unique with the blade feeling harder yet very flexible compared to your standard Limba 5 Ply wood. It's great for looping and close to the table play. Not quite as fast or good at blocking as the Acoustic but the control and feel is the best. As a new player to the sport of table tennis I used this and the Yasaka Sweden Extra as my main blades along with Mark V rubbers. A very high quality All Around wood blade by Nittaku. Recommended.
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Jan 2017
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5 out of 5 rating for Violin

Hey guys,
I have decided to write a review on a blade I like very much but do not longer play. So the Nittaku Violin is just beautiful, it looks really nice, especially the outer ply and its quality is just amazing. What I liked was how easy it was to impart spin, the blade is super flexy on slow opening loops and you can't really not bring the ball on the table with it.
The flex did however create some problems for shots I put a lot of power into: The strong flex did not give me a lot of control on high impact shots, becoming a bit unstable. This also happened when blocking hard shots, I like the stiffness of a Clipper a lot better for those strokes.
The speed nowadays with the 40+ balls is not that great, I would say it's more like All+ than Off- even and so I can recommend it even for beginners.
The handle was a bit too small for my taste but I could live with that.

All in all a great blade but if you advance and do harder strokes you should probably go for something a bit stiffer nowadays.
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5 out of 5 rating for Violin

Using this in ST L-Size with T80 (FH) and T05 (BH) and loving it! It's just so much fun to play with. The flexibility and control is special. First bought the regular handle size and quickly realized it's too small for me. Passed that one to a friend and ordered the L-Size right away.

Photos here:
says Hi, I am a life-long table tennis enthusiast and...
says Hi, I am a life-long table tennis enthusiast and...
Mar 2014
4 out of 5 rating for Violin

I am intrigued by the Nittaku Violin, especially because I played better in matches with this set-up than usually. The control and feeling on most FH shots (with the exception of smashes and power loops) is very appealing. Soft to medium-hard European/Japanese rubbers are likely an even better fit for the Violin, as this will provide the opportunity for even faster and more penetrating spinny loops while maintaining high levels of control in the short and service game. While the Violin probably is too soft and elastic for aggressive short pips players, modern defenders using short or long pips in the BH should strongly consider trying out this blade. For the full review, see: