Waldner Offensive 2016

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5 out of 5 rating for Waldner Offensive 2016

Waldner Offensive 2016 is a balanced offensive blade with an amazing feeling and heavy spin support on topspins. It has a medium hardness and solid feel without disturbing vibrations. Its form is called JO-shape and is designed after the preference of Jan-Ove Waldner.
The quality of the blade is amazing. It can be compared to the expensive premium products of other brands.
A true successor of the old Banda Waldner with the same feeling.
If you like to read my complete review (german), then visit also my blog.
Donic Waldner Offensive 2016 complete review (german)
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Mar 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Waldner Offensive 2016

The first couple of FH drives quickly revealed that this is a blade in the OFF- range that offers a reasonably crisp and well-defined contact point. The unusual drop shape took me a minute to get used to, as the blade clearly felt ‘longer’; initially, I felt like I was scooping the ball over the net. However, this feeling quickly subsided, and soon FH drives felt very natural. The combination with the DHS Hurricane 8 rubber is not overly fast, and I definitively needed to provide a little bit more effort than with my usual OFF+ rated blade. BH drives with my Waran short pips, on the other hand, were very fast, yet reasonably controlled; the blade is sufficiently hard to cause the ball to dip when hitting with the short pips. Read our full review here: http://blog.tabletennis11.com/donic-waldner-jo-shape-and-senso-carbon-review
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Feb 2018
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4 out of 5 rating for Waldner Offensive 2016


I picked up the blade for an amazing 26€ which was a real steal. The finish is excellent and I didn't have to sand the wings (which I almost always do). I've got Tibhar Hybrid K1 on my forehand and Stiga Mantra S on my backhand.

The blade plays quite similar to the Butterfly Korbel but is a touch slower. Excellent dwell time during loops but takes some getting used to in the short game. Extremely easy to block with.

The head/blade shape and the wings are a bit unusual (quite similar to the Banda blades of the early 90ies) and takes some getting used to. The handle is quite thin and longer than most other ST blades that I have tried. The handle is really compatible with my backhand but the forehand grip took some adjust compared to the normal Stiga FL handles that I'm used to.
5 out of 5 rating for Waldner Offensive 2016

The Donic Waldner Offensive 2016 is a limited edition blade in the OFF- to OFF range. The handle is longer than that of a typical paddle, and the head is longer and more narrow. I ordered mine in the Flared handle design, but it also comes in Anatomic and Straight designs. Despite these design choices, it is the best blade I have ever owned. Its balance of speed and comfort is superb. It has a large sweet spot which makes it forgiving with loose form. It is great for looping, flicking and blocking. It supports much spin if paired with a good rubber. It has medium dwell time and it sings with every stroke in the classic all-wood fashion. While the paddle is slightly heavier than other Donic blades it is not quite a club. Overall I would say it is the best deal on the market for the intermediate attacking player at a mere $32.85! It is a deadly paddle that makes it easy to fire off a rally killing shot while maintaining the versatility to keep you on the table against any attack or defense. This made in Sweden blade is gold!