Warning! Weird rubber! Tibhar Grip-S (max with orange sponge)

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I switched my forehand rubber from DHS H3 Neo to Tibhar Grip-S (max with orange sponge), and I observed that this rubber have abnormal behaviour in terms of ball contact. I have difficulty in controlling this rubber. If you hit flat or smash the ball runs too slow. If you topspin in forward motion the ball is like bryce speed which is super fast and very low with minimal arc. If you loop, the ball is also too slow. If you block, the ball bounces high. My confusion in this rubber is that it does not follow the characteristic of a low or high throw rubber making it difficult to control in all aspects.

I am an allround-attacker player. Do I have to get rid of this rubber or just stay with it?

Anybody tried this one? Thanks
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Mar 2012
That would be why your rubber behaves erratically though what you described about your Grip-S is typical of Chinese rubbers.
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I bought a few of these in the Tibhar booth at WTTC 2018 when we arrange it. Costed 5 Euros, came in a plastic bag. But i liked it, and is having great reviews on Revspin. Spinny as hell, and you can use it easily as a chopping rubber, or a defensive block and spis-dealer on the table. And as a fh-rubber to, with great-serves. However, i felt never really secured.BUT it was inconsistent, and ball just dropped down sometimes
says Aha, sorry. Trodde du var en annan Millesom spelar i...
This thread has not been posted in for over 6 years.....until today. Are they even still making this rubber? Is it still on the list of ITTF approved rubbers?

No, they aint. The rubbers i buyed for 5 Euro was out by last year i think. But as said, if top notcched and new, it was a very good rubber.Look for the ratings on like revsoin. But the point was that Tibhar wanted to fuse chinese, japan, and European runnbbers, like all do today. They had names like Dang, Ellen
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So, they been there, dine that, and now they are doing it adain, hehe
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No, i dunno when they get out of LLARC, But i buy ed them last sumer when we arrabged the World Cup in TT. i sure have alot of expensive memorilia from the pros that i could sell from those days, when our 100,000 people big town, became 300.000, and every hotel along the Swedens west coast was booked eeven before some of the hotel didnt manage to book such hotel rooms, because we start to book the rooms like 3-4 year before the competition, and the hotels computers did not range so long into the futyre, that they shaked forewad the old pen and paper style booking a hotel, until their computers could handle it:D