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Nov 2022

since on the internet it is possible to find the same rubber, the same blade but at almost double the price in different shop, I was wondering on which site you order your material.

I have found two sellers that seem to not inflate their prices too much without reason:

- Contra (from Germany)
- Tabletennis11

Do you have any other websites to recommend for the material?
This would also allow me to compare discounts and take advantage of them.

Thanks a lot!
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Nov 2019

the big ones in germany are Schöler & Micke (mostly Andro)
And maybe Spinfactory (more Chinese Imports)
appart from contra

"Brand stores": = Donic. = Gewo, = Andro,

Normal stores;
e.g. nice store in Augsburg
All of them have bulk prices when ordering 2, 4 or 10 rubbers (different or the same) at once.
All of them sell at least some provincial and national DHS rubbers (H3 Blue Sponge).

Spinfactory is the only source for Hurricane 8-80 37 and also the only distributor (afaik) for Sanwei in Germany. No special prices for 2 or more rubbers but one can apply for a special discount ("annual turnover more than 800-1000 Euro")

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I just check different shops which have my desired stuff and pick the cheapest price.

For example i picked for my latest purchases because i couldnt find the vega x anywhere at 30€, besides them.

Otherwise you could check frija which is quite the same as schoeler.

Futurespin has decent prices now and then, and they also sell on ebay.
Amazon is a possibility sometimes too.