What are the benefits of short pips on fh?

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Oct 2019
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I remember that a few years ago there used to be on kiddo in the club. At the time I could not play against him. We also have one lady that plays double pips. Both of the players had in common that they produced a bit of opposite spin on their strokes and smashed everything over the table. I kind of had to try move them away from the table.
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Jun 2017
Short pips forehand is good for close to the table smashing. Hit and attack, that's it. That's the strategy. I played short pimple on forehand until I was about 1900 USATT level. I ended up switching to inverted rubber. Short pimple has too many weaknesses. It took me about 1.5 years to get back above the level I was at before I changed from short pimple to inverted, but it was worth the effort to change.