What is the best Technology that a Table Tennis player of a coach can use?

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Feb 2022
I liked how one of the coaches I know had balls half colored in black and half in white in such a way that you can very easily see how much the ball in spinning and in what direction when practicing serves. He made like 40 of them.

Is there any video of footage of this? I am really curious to see what it looks like.

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Jul 2017
Videos! This provides the best return on investment. Having software to better analyze the videos would be a plus.

When Stellen Bengtsson had training camps, he would have his wife, Angie, go around with an iPad to take videos and play them back right then and there so errors could be corrected immediately. Instant feed back!
Sean O'Neil used two cameras that he could sync together so there were two different views of you playing. The problem was that he sent the videos to you later.
My third coach didn't use cameras so I had to setup my own. Again, I couldn't see what I was doing wrong until I looked at the videos later.

A robot is good too because then the coach can walk around and see your stroke from different angles while you are hitting balls.

Many of my robot balls have stripes around them so when I made videos, I could see the spin.
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Nov 2016
I know Brett Clark is working on an app that uses machine learning to give you advice about your playing technique real time. I am looking forward to testing it out as I respect his coaching advice.