Where can i get good equipment here in australia?

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Good day everyone,

hi i just arrived here in brisbane, queensland
and hit with the nearest table tennis club
i wanted to change rubbers because one of my rubbers is dead but there wasnt that much rubber to choose from
so i was wondering if anyone knows any trust worthy online store sites or actual stores in brisbane

if someone knows that wud b a gr8 and i will sure appreciate it

im hoping to get xiom euro II for my bh

says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
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Sep 2011
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The two best places I can name off the top of my head are affordable TT (Rob)


and legendary multi-forum member HaggisV's shop (and forum (OOAK) )


Both GREAT blokes who will tell you like it is...

There are also a few Koreans down under doing their thing but I don't have the URLs on top of my head...
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Sep 2013
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Yep, Der_echte named them.

Both highly reputable and you can't really go wrong.

BTW, I'm a Xiom distributor, and I have no idea what is a Xiom Euro II.
You might need to add Vega, Omega or Sigma in front of the Euro (and after Xiom), otherwise i'm sure the other guys will also be pretty clueless in what you are looking for.