Quick update guys. Zhang Yining is now is now living in the United States since her retirement in Table Tennis. However her drive and motivation hasn't stopped there.


Photo source: weibo.com

Zhang is now living in the United States of America studying English Language at the University of Wisconsin. Zhang is said to be studying at the university for 10 months.

Just after 2 weeks of Zhang studying in America, she has become one of the most indulgent students in her lessons. Its said that the other day Zhang delivered a speech to her class mates in a lesson as a welcoming. From this, Zhang dedicated her passion to a reporter explaining how she wants to enhance her English skills and to study Sports Management. Zhang's room is said to be filled with all English words over her room so she can remember the words.

Zhang's days in university are very busy, she starts her day around 8am and studies in a lecturer for 3 hours of English. She will then have a break and at 3pm Zhang has a 2 hour Sports Management lecturer. After this, she eats dinner and then does her assignments and homework at night.

Zhang Yining at weekends spends time with her close American and Chinese friends to feel closer to home. This makes her not get home sick and she goes to lots of family gatherings.

Zhang's passion and new life will be one to remember, we wish her all the best and that she never stops learning.

Watch Zhang Yining at her best in the WTTC 2009

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It would be so nice if Ms. Zhang YN would visit NYC during the NYC Open at the Jacob Javits Center in latter part of August 2011. The entire TT community would be so excited if she would grace the event with her presence and help make the sport more popular in the Eastern United States. If she needs any logistics assistance, please notify this poster.