Which member of Tibhar Evolution has the highest throw angle

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Nov 2016
The FX-P has the highest throw angle, the lowest being MX-S. For more speed, I agree with apaulc07. MX-P has the best "balance" of the series, but I'm pretty sure MX-S is faster from what I've read. MX-P gives off more speed based on rubber instead of body motion, while MX-S relies on body motion/acceleration instead of rubber power itself.
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I use FX-P and MX-P on a TSPW.. the FX-P has a slightly higher arc on most shots compared to the MX-P. I find it a tad bit bouncier to strangly enough? The backhand flick I tend to lift off the end of the table with the FX-P.. while the MX-P usually digs right in. Love that MX-P on BH..
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I find your observations odd, for me the mxs and the el-s have the highest arc.
I agree. I haven't used the el-p and fx-p extensively... But only have had a few hits with them. I agree with Yogi that the EL-S and MX-S have the highest throw. Maybe for certain strokes, their throw angles are low or perhaps for certain blades? I'm not so sure, but I think it's probably a mix of both.