Which player has the ugliest service action?

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Dec 2010
What!??!!? no one has mentioned Dmitriyri Ocvtarov?

The way he gives the ball the stink eye when he crouches down and stares at the ball for 5 seconds looks so messed up to me.
Yes, Ovtcharov's serve is very ugly!
For the ladies, Ding Ning's old serve. There is also a Japanese lady but I can't recall her name.
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May 2011
I like Jun's bat swing before he serves. Try to copy it and the serve will fail miserably. I don't know how he gets that into his serve routine as a casual move haha.
This thread reminds me of Joao Monteiro's serves. He tosses with a super stiff arm.

But when it comes down to ugly techniques, Dima is the man imo :p
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Sep 2011
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Personally I hate Dima's services. I just think they're entirely unnecessary and I think it puts him incredibly out of position. He has to move bot his legs into a stance and at that point if he reacts poorly he'll have to cover both sides of the table. FH services are particularly favorable to me because you need only pivot towards the center.

I agree with Maze's service it's just weird how his hand always goes forward then backwards sometimes in an arc.

I personally don't like Hao Shuai's services he never puts any wrist action into his services so I always wonder if he's really service hard or if he prefers people to return his dead balls.

As for service that looks the ugliest I'd have to agree with Joo's it's just plain weird that he looks like an egyptian hieroglyphic.