Why does posting video of your play help in an online forum?


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Hello TTD!

The "old folk" will know this is a topic near and dear to my heart, and as it seems to pop up time and time again, I just wanted to start a discussion about it!

Whilst I can list numerous positives to posting video online, it's more the other side of the argument that I'm keen to hear.

From my point of view, the positives for members posting video of their own play are:

• Nothing is as good at showing how you play than a video.
• People who post video are *usually* much more conscientious when it comes to giving advice to others.
• In a relatively small community like TT, it can only add value to the community, and increase your reputation.
• It makes you more genuine - Not just an online username behind a computer.

Downsides I can think of are:

• Privacy
• The fear that people will be rude (although I think that is a thing of the past, especially with the "Video Safe" thread).

I'm keen to know if there are other reasons!

I want to reiterate, it's not about posting a video, and then being banned from ever commenting on other people because you aren't good enough.

It's never been about that.

It simply adds authenticity to your posts!

Some ideas for what to film if you aren't sure....

• Forehand to Forehand knocking up
• Backhand to Backhand knocking up
• A practice (or real) match

You don't need to edit it, or make it really long if you don't want to (and it can be as rough as someone holding the phone whilst you hit some shots).

You'd be amazed at how much people would get from seeing 20 seconds of forehands and 20 seconds of backhands.

Anyway, much love to everyone, and this isn't trying to convince those who flat out don't want to post a video.

Your contributions are still incredibly valuable to the forum, but it would be great if you ever felt comfortable sharing!
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Jan 2019
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I don’t like commenting on people’s skills and forms, unless I’ve got confirmation from multiple pro players I know that what I suspected was true. Because I know I’m not at that level yet. And on that note, I don’t post my own videos either because I know pro players in real life that can give me more detailed advices. Side note, I don’t trust most of the “help” given on forums are useful, because everyone learnt their style/form differently, and I would rather much like the person who taught me to comment on my form, and help me improve it. But if someone never had a coach, then maybe it is helpful, but only to a certain degree.
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says toooooo much choice!!
says toooooo much choice!!
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Jul 2020
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I feel it is proof of your ability, it puts some honesty out there, people can then judge your comments based on ability.
Having said that, one could be a poor player, or unconventional but have excellent knowledge of the sport and have great technical knowledge of how to produce strokes, move etc etc !!!!
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Jan 2022
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I can only speak from my own experience. I have a professional high level coach who I work with and who reviews my videos, but the level of feedback and genuine helpful and constructive advice I’ve received on this forum through posting video (you know who you are!) has been incredible. I am so grateful for a different set of eyes and a different perspective (adult learning for example) and somebody giving up their time to watch my (woeful) efforts to get better - for me it’s an amazing resource, so thanks to all.
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Oct 2022
I sometimes like to post videos just to form connections with other members, and to encourage each other to keep practicing. It's nice to be involved in each other's TT journeys.

On the flip side, there are a lot of mean-spirited or rude/arrogant members on the forum as well.
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May 2011
I don't have a coach, and I'm confident in my own analytical abilities. What I need is ideas, and many sets of eyes from many different backgrounds help me generate all sorts of ideas when I post my video online. I can parse through them and identify what I should immediately implement, what I should wait a bit first but probably implement at some point of time, what I doubt would be useful but is worth a try, and what is probably wrong and I can set aside at least for now.

To me, online advice is just another tool to help you improve your game. As with any tool, it's more effective in some people's hands than others. Most of us have a ton of holes in our games, and one can easily be inundated by advice from so many people. If you can delve into the reasoning of each advice, pick out the ones that suit your current goals, resources, and abilities, and devise a plan to implement it, then it could be a very helpful tool. If you feel drowned by the amount of advice on all aspects of your game, some of which may even sound contradictory, then it may not be for you.
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Jan 2023
I started a youtube channel just to log my progress as an adult learner from scratch, and even though keeping motivated to practice has been hard at times (especially when injury and other things come in the way), watching old videos of myself kinda is motivating in itself. The improvement goes slow, but you can see it in the nuances, and the other day I got a comment on one of my videos saying "whoah, its been a long time, but I see you have made good improvements". This made my day. Not that many people watch my videos -- I am lucky if they get more than 50 views, but atleast I am trying something and I have never been afraid of "putting myself out there". This helps me maintain things that I've allready learned how to maintain by practicing it, and makes me hopeful that I will be able to build on my foundation as well. I find the most difficult hurdle is reaction time as I get older ... and doing strength work to not get knee injury is a hassle!
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