Why is Stratus Powerwood wider at the bottom?

says I'm still learning Table Tennis.
says I'm still learning Table Tennis.
Nov 2022
I'm a fan of an all-wood blade. I'm considering buying Tibhar Stratus Powerwood, but I'm curious as to why it was designed in such a way. Why is the blade wider at the bottom?

The breadth of the wood and rubbers are more than standard blades. What is the purpose of the additional space? Doesn't it increases the overall weight unnecessarily?

Yes it seems to be wider blade than most. I am speaking from first hand experience as I had use this product before.

I speculate it could perhaps to increase the area of the sweet-spot.

In my opinion, this blade is a looper's delight. It was not too fast, more geared towards controlled looping as oppose to all out power.

p/s My rubbers on TSPW are both Donic Baracuda and it was a very playable set-up during my early days. Good control definitely.
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Special TIBHAR shape, kind of like their IV series. I think it makes the blade a bit stiffer and makes your grip a bit more locked-in

I tend to agree with you. It allows all of the index finger to rest on the blade, hence added stifness on FH strokes [hypothetically 😊]

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Mar 2022
It also gives you more real estate on your blade during a pendulum serve.

Some people make contact with the ball at the tip of their blade during serve, and rely on fast head speed to generate a lot of spin.

Others with high-spin rubbers don't need high speed, but instead rely on long dwell-time with the ball.

They make contact closer to the handle and then 'roll the ball along the blade' during serve, relying on the blade angle and forward arm movement to create spin and direct the serve respectively. Having a wider bottom third facilitates this serving style.

Creating balance more towards the blade's handle is the main point (especially if the playing surface is longer than it is wide), but serving is also one of your main reasons.