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Mar 2014
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I went through this siteбладес. I wrote e-mail, but I do not want mail and any prices for goods and transport. You let him to hack, and I did not have to. Can not happen!
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Jul 2014
i doesn't allow me to add link, I removed 'www.'
As a chinese , penhold is the only correct way of playing table tennis .
mono blades are not only powerful weapons but also collectible artworks .
I Love it

Kev Li
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I would like to play with this new blade because I have had my Schlager Carbon Off+ for almost 8 years now. I never wanted to change it because it was my lucky charm. However, change is always good. And the DHS Hurricane King III offers me a heavier grip which would be a great challenge for me since my Schlager blade is relatively lighter compared to it.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. - JFK



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Apr 2014
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I want to play with this blade because:

- It offers great control and it's not too fast which is perfect for players who are not in the top 500.
- I have a blade with a senso handle and I really like the feedback it gives
- The handle is slightly longer and it will fit better into my hand and also reduce the head-heaviness.
- It's supposed to have a great sweet spot.
- The legend himself, Waldner, used this blade and his play keeps reminding me that control > speed and I try to play with the same philosophy.
- The wings of this blade are a bit smaller compared to the normal WSC, which would be more comfortable.