The last 16 has been played guys and the Quarter finals is now in place. Ma Long, Ma Lin, Wang Hao, Wang Liqin, Zhang Jike, Chen Qi, Jun Mizutani and Timo Boll are both through in the World Table Tennis Championships in the Ahoy Areana, Rotterdan.


Photo Source by: chineseculture

The Quarter Final Match up:


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Whats your prediction? Who will reach the semi final?

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Enjoy the show guys!! :)
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Feb 2011
Prediction : Wang Hao , Ma Long , Zhang Jike, Timo Boll
Wish List :
Semis : Wang Hao , Ma Lin , Wang Liqin , Timo
Final : Ma Lin , Wang Liqin .. winner - > Ma

There will be a youngster in the final, no doubt about it.

If the final is ma lin vs wang liqin, that would be so horrible lol.
says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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Dec 2010
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Anything can happen but it looks to me like Timo Boll has the easiest opponent. Nothing against Chen Chi but I think all the other players in this final 8 are a little bit better. But, in spite of that, anything can happen and that is why they play the games.