The group stages and preliminary rounds have now come to a close, and the round 1 of the main draw at the 2013 World Table Tennis Championships has proceeded. The opening match in the Men's Singles will be newly world number 1 Xu Xin who will face Germany's Steffen Mengel.
Round 1 - 15th May 2013 - Schedule below


Zhang Jike in the training hall preparing - Photo by: Remy Gros

Men's Singles Round 1 - ITTF Live Streaming Schedule *Time in GMT* 15 May 2013

Full schedule below:

14.00 Xu Xin vs Steffen Mengel 2.00pm
14.45 SEO Hyundeok vs Simon Gauzy 2.45pm
15.15 Wang Hao vs Marcos Madrid 3.30pm
16,15 Niagol Stoyanov vs Adrien Mattenet 4.15pm

Watch the matches in the ITTF Live Streaming here

Elsewhere in the men's singles there are some huge matches taking place which won't display on the Live Streaming. England's Daniel Reed who will face Kenta Matusudaira. Gao Ning will take on Gaving Rumgay.

Yang Zi vs Marcos Freitas
Koshiba vs Gionis Panagiotis
Quentin Robinot vs Lee Sang Su
Christoph Legout vs Ma Lin
Kalinikos Kreanga Daniel Zwickl
Patrick Franziska vs Liu Song
Carlos Machado vs Achanta
Seiya Kishikawa vs Jonathon Groth

Who do you think will progress to round 2 stages?

Women's Singles Round 1 - ITTF Live Streaming Schedule *Time in GMT* 15 May 2013

Full schedule below:

11.00 Ding Ning vs Zhenhua Dederko
11.45 Lin Chia-Hui vs HSING Ariel
12.30 Ruta Paskauskiene vs LI Xiaoxia
13:15 Seo Hyowon vs Lea Rakovac

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