Xiom icecream azx(i)

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Sep 2018
Hey all,
I have a question about the xiom icecream blades. Im currently using Timo boll alc with t05 on my fh and dignics05 on my bh. Im loving my forehand and love the new dignics rubber for my backhand. However i was wondering if a change in blade would allow for a more forgiving backhand. I was thinking of the icecream blades as they have a different fh and bh composition.

So my question comes down to: does tb alc compare to the alc side of the xiom blade, and if so, would te zlc side of the xiom blade give me an easier time flicking with my backhand, or would the change not be noticeable?

Also is the azx or the azxi a better comparison for tb alc?

Would love to hear your guys' opinions