Xiom rubbers compared

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Hello, Im interested in three Xiom rubbers I chose - Vega Pro, Omega IV EU and Omega VII EU.

1) Firsly Id like to know how durable these rubbers are.
2) Then if there is a big difference in IV EU and VII EU.
3) How heavy are these?
4) Which one is the least sensitive to incoming spin and which one has the highest amount of spin.
5) How is the catapult and throw of these rubbers?
6) Will be there a significant difference between 2.0mm and max?

7) Could someone compare them to Acuda S2, Tenergy 05 or Tibhar MX-S? (speed, spin, hardness, catapult, throw angle, spin sensitivity)

Thank you all in advance.
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All i can say is the vii euro version has a large margin of spin and speed. The newer ones have really good durability. A friend of mine whom i gave the vii euro used the rubber for 4-5 months before replacing it. He is a very good player and usually rubbers would last only 2-3 months for him.
I confirm that the Xiom tensors are very durable, and the harder ones are more durable.
I don't have much experience with the Euro lines, which are on the softer side, but I can make an overall comparison between the gens. Omega IV are generally faster, with less spin and less control than Omega V. Omega 7 has not only a new gen tensor sponge, but a new architecture with a very different topsheet rubber. The result in the different lines -euro, pro, asia, tour - is different in a way that makes them more or less difficult to be considered as direct upgrades to their older gens in the line. But generally the Omega 7 is faster, more repulsive /or lets say vivid/, with more spin and control. The softer versions of O7 are lighter than O5. O7A is of the same weight as O5A, O7T is heavyer than O5T. The softer topsheet of O7 makes the topspin arc a little bit lower and its more visible with the harder models and the stronger strokes. The spin is much improved and its more visible with the slower loops with the harder sponges and the quality of cuts and serves. The speed is higher, the trampoline repulse of the softer sponges is more sensitive especially with weaker touch /I personally don't like it much/, but in harder sponges it feels the same with weaker shots and stronger with hatder shots /which I like/.
Comparing to T05 - the most close to T05 is Omega5Asia, for me its even better in control, over the table and in passive play. Omega7Asia is close too the same way, plus some mixed prperties with T80 and T64 it is capable of, which for now makes it my best choise. Pro has some of T05, but not much and predominantly only at mid distance, if the difficulty of the close play control is to be considered - than yes, its even closer to T05. Euro is closer to T80 and T64 in play, but not in speed. Tour is an excellent and unique rubber, but is difficult in every aspect.
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