Xiom Sigma II Euro - review

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Mar 2012
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I have bought a couple of Xiom Sigma II Euro to try on my BH, because my BH-game was lacking in someway that I couldn't figure. Then I decided to try something else. The rubbers from Xiom were in a fancy packaging in white and chrome colors. I glue one of the rubbers my DHS 506 blade to try out...

I have played with the rubber for 3 weeks in my BH now and I am liking it more and more. I used to play with T64, but sometimes I struggled with short returns with it. Here I find Sigma II euro less responsive for incoming spin and making the first attack is easy. The Sigma II Euro is a medium-hard rubber that is fast with a low throw angle. Tons of control with this rubber and maybe what I have been searching for in a while.

says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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Dec 2010
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Last night I tried Sigma II Pro for the first time. I was joking around saying I did not want to try it because I like what I have and did not want to change. I am using Xiom Omega IV Pro for my forehand. I really like it. But the Sigma II felt a little better. It grabs the ball just as well as the Omega IV but it is not as responsive to incoming spin so you can control it better. The ball sinks into the topsheet nicely. You get a lot of spin and it has a great sound. The sound is better than O4. It felt like a really REALLY good rubber. I might actually switch next time I buy rubber. :)

I may also go with Sigma II Europe on the backhand even though I also like my Omega IV Europe that I am currently using on my backhand.
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Sep 2013
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I used S2P on FH and S2E on my BH for over a year (didn't need to replace them too).
Very good quality/durable rubbers with high spin and speed.

The S2P is Medium Hard to Hard, but has great grip due to ESN technology
S2E is medium hard and great for BH

Due to the harder sponge compared to most ESN sponges, the short game, spin/touch is very closed to hard Chinese tacky rubber. But with the ESN sponge, it is great playing away from the table too.

A best of both worlds I would say