Xiom Vega Europe DF

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New Version of the original Xiom Vega Europe. More Spin and Speed. Softer topsheet. Created especially for Poly balls.

Xiom Vega Europe DF.jpgXiom Vega Europe DF Logo.JPG

I posted the same Info in German on my Blog and wrote where to buy it:

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Mar 2015
All these new rubbers for 2016 targeted at plastic balls, seems to be at 42.5 hardness for some reason. Joola Rhyzm Tech is another one of those where they take top sheet and tensor sponge from elsewhere and combine them together. I think Tibhar 5q something had similar strategy. It kinda shows when you see they decided to keep the original name and just add random letters near the end like DF, Tech, VIP or update or something. Not sure would like a 42 when my ideal preference is around 45-47, plus the big 3rd generation swiss cheese pores add a different role, compared to the old outdated Tenergy's who use small pores.
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Apr 2014
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Has anyone tried this rubber yet??? I am very interested in this rubber :p

I tried it a few weeks ago. It is marginally softer and faster than the regular version, I also noticed a bit more quality in topspin balls (rotation). But don´t expect a quantum leap ...
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Thx !
Someone knows the weight of the rubber ? Lighter or heavier than the Europe ? Is it finally harder or softer ? I have read so many different opinions

The rubber is softer because of the softer topsheet. The weight is nearly the same (there are always small variations)

I made a comparison of all Vega rubbers with graphics (Spin/Speed and different Arcs)