Xu Xin, Harimoto & More | Training | Table Tennis MOTIVATION

says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
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Oct 2010
New training hall video from the top 16 players in both the men's and women's singles at the 2019 T2 Diamond event in Singapore!

Here's some motivation for you as you head back to the training hall after lockdown! Video includes Xu Xin, Mima Ito, Harimoto, Hugo Calderano, Ding Ning and many more!

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says 2023 Certified Organ Donor
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Sep 2011
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I wish I had a hall... the govt restrictions to our local 24 table club's owner forced him to operate in conditions guarenteeing him a $8,000 monthly loss minimum. The loss he might have endured for another year or two, since has other investment buildings and could absorb the loss and write off it on taxes as loss (to the detriment of his other profits)... but the last round of harassment by govt official and and a club member was something he wasn't going to tolerate.

Sad, as the club was in a position to be running large tourneys and already held many regional and national tam trainings. Sorry to damper your nice post Dan. This stuff should fire one up to be itching to hit the TT gym.