Name: Xu Xin

Nationality: China

Date Of Birth: January 8, 1990

Height 1.81 m (5 ft 11)
Weight 70 kg (150 lb, 11 st)


Photo by:

Current World Ranking:
2 (Since July 2013)
July 2013 World Rankings found here.

Career Update: Xu Xin becomes the worlds number 1 table tennis player on January 2013!

Playing Style: Xu Xin is a left handed top spin attacker with incredible serves! His incredible arm speed allows him to destroy his killer forehand topspin passed any player in the World. Xu Xin is amongst the young Chinese warriors including Ma Long and Zhang Jike as the best trio in recent times. Xu Xin is one of very few players in the top 100 of the World to play with a unique style of grip - The penhold grip. Ma Lin and Wang Hao both have a penhold grip and the two Chinese players reached the final of the Beijing Olympics, will Xu Xin follow their footsteps in the future?

TableTennisDaily footage of the Chinese National Team training

We caught Xu Xin in the training hall of the Werner Schlager Academy in preparation for the 2013 WTTC. More videos, pictures, discussions and information here.

Greatest Results

Click HERE to watch the Xu Xin's latest match.

2013 Asian Cup Champion
2013 Korea Open World Tour Champion
2013 Career High World Ranking of 1 in January
2012 June: Career high World ranking of 3
2012 China Open World Tour: Men's Singles Champion
2012 Asian Cup: Men's Singles Champion
2012 World Team Championships - Gold Medallist
2011 Qatar Open: Men's Singles Champion
2011 World Championships: Men's Doubles Champion
2010 Slovenian Open: Men's Singles Champion
2010 Kuwait Open: Men's Singles Champion
2009 Asian Championships: Men's Doubles Champion
2009 Asian Championships: Men's Team Champion
2009 World Team Cup: Men's Team Champion

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Equipment and sponsor: Xu Xin uses a Stiga Offensive NCT Wood blade. Xu Xin's forehand rubber is a Hurricane III (Blue sponge) and a Stiga Boost TX on his backhand.

Club Represents

Xu Xin is currently representing Bazhou Hairun Club. One of China's major Table Tennis Teams in the Super League.

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New Member
Aug 2012
I can see Xu Xin video that he had changed to Rosewood 5. But I don't know what type of rubber for his back hand.
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Aug 2012
Also he is naturally a right hander. Yup, I thought he uses Rosewood V, we can see it in the video "A day in the life of XU Xin"..but true enough, Stiga website stated Offensive NCT Wood. Maybe he just changed it from Rosewood..

Xu Xin is naturally left-handed.
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Thanks, yeah i'm not 100% sure, I checked the Stiga website and it said he uses Stiga Offensive NCT Wood blade. Ill look into it :)
Xu Xin uses STIGA Rosewood NCT V as his blade, DHS NEO TG3 Skyline 3 (FH), and STIGA Calibra LT (BH).He is also Russian Open 2012 winner and ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals champion 2012. He plays for Shanghai club in CTTSL.