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Hey everyone! I am with a little nagging post. Everyone knows that clipper is a standard 7ply blade with limba outer, and a good blade, perfect for a versatile offensive player. Since then, many clones by various brands have been created. Which blades have similar features of clipper? I tend to know more on dwelly side with good hand feel, rather than a stiff blade.
Many thanks in advance!

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says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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achal, quick questions:

Are you looking for a 7 ply?

Or would a 5 ply be okay?

Do you want straight Off speed or would Off- also do the trick?

It it is hard to get a 7 ply that is flexy and not stiff. Often, with the added flex, 5 plies have more dwell time. And as a result of the blade being thinner, so more vibration with the flex, there is more feel.

A 7 ply blade that is really worth considering is the Nexy Kim Jung Hoon blade. It is 7 plies. But has the feel of a 5 ply. It is one of my favorite blades.

A nice 7 ply that is not that different from a Clipper, is a Xiom Extreme S.

A Joola Viva actually is a Clipper. It is a Clipper blade with a Joola handle. The handle is very nice so this blade is a very nice blade.

But 5 plies that might be worth looking at because they are close in speed to a Clipper with more feel, flex and dwell are:

1) OSP Virtuoso Plus
2) Nittaku Acoustic
3) Nittaku Tenor
4) Xiom Offensive S
5) Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

Those are all decently fast. One of them is the blade I use. So I like that one a lot. But those are all good blades.

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5 ply is also okay. Main thing is off- with good dwell. Since I have used yasaka blade, I found their product manufacturing quality a lot better, and cheaper. I was tilted towards tibhar force pro black, but some of friends told it might be a little stiff.
I am going to use chinese rubbers, and I don't want to have superfast blade. Now I believe from various match experience, that control is necessary, hence if I want to have powerful shot, rather be from my body power. And good dwell so that spin is good.
I believe that off rated blade would be a little fast for me.
Also I hate too much vibration, mild vibration is suitable for me.

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