Yasaka Falck W7 blade?

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Aug 2021
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I have used Yasaka Falck W7 for just one session. It is a good blade, but at that time, I didn't want to switch from my current blade.

I would say that W7 is better than Clipper. The reason is that, although W7 is 7-ply, but the construction makes it feel like a stiffer and harder 5-ply allwood blade.

If you see Clipper, the core and intermediate layers are quite thick and of similar thickness, with thin outer layer of limba. It feels like traditional 7-ply blade (well, it is the benchmark for 7-ply blades).

W7 is different. The core is very thick and then 3 layers of thin woods (outer layer is still limba). So basically you feel like playing with thicker and harder 5 ply, although you still notice the characteristic of 7-ply blade (stiffer, harder and faster).

Now, compared to Stratus Power Wood: SPW is a thicker, a bit softer but faster Korbel. Compared to W7, W7 is stiffer, a bit harder and definitely faster. What I don't like about SPW is the rather squared handle and the overall balance. I use Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro (the blue one) which I think has better handle and better overall balance.

If I have to compare SFP and Clipper to W7, I would say that W7 is in between SFP and Clipper in term of feel. SFP is the hybrid of 5-ply and 7-ply, Clipper is the true 7-ply and W7 is in between (more inclined to Clipper side though).
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Apr 2023
I have just been using the W7 blade for a week against a robot. I like that the handle is made for adult hands. It feels like it's in the same catagory as the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood.
Good to know. I own 8 Tibhar Stratus Power Wood so I guess I won't buy a W7 blade for my collection :) :)