Yasaka Rakza 9 review

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Hello my name is Pawel i just reviewed the Yasaka Rakza 9 rubber. I compare to Rakza X and X Soft.

I have more to come, hope you like the video
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says I would recommend all wood. Samsonov Alpha sgs is the...
says I would recommend all wood. Samsonov Alpha sgs is the...
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Nov 2017
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Thanks, these are very good quality reviews.
Less about opinion and more about actual information, which I appreciate a lot. And also, the opinion is measured, positive and negative, whereas many other (usually sponsored) reviews are often all praise and thus kind of meaningless.

Not everyone have the technical ability and the money to buy rubbers for comparative reviews (me especially heh), so I think maybe you could supply even a bit more information in the review:

How much did the rubber weigh before cutting?

If you took it off the blade, how much did it weigh after cutting (you weigh the leftovers and then subtract from the total weight)?

What is the hardness level written on the back of the rubber? The official hardness?

Thanks :)
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I like how you use slow motion, also the pictures of sponges are great.

P.S. there are huge Yasaka signs everywhere. Are you sponsored and forgot to mention it :) ?

Hi. No body pay me for this video. I just love to make table tennis videos. I get rakza rubbers and I am happy to do review.